Infographic: Our universe in a calendar year

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Master_Universe_by_ANTIFAN_REALIt is so easy to get lost in the small details of our life and the things going on around us. The latest iPhone or new Galaxy smartphone pales into insignificance once you start thinking about our universe. Whilst we struggle to etch out a life on mother earth we are but microscopic specs compared to the vastness of our universe. Man has been captivated by where we come from how the universe started and just how we got to where we are today. This infographic shows the birth, growth and significant events of our universe from inflation and the big bang up until now… (more…)

Infographic: The Rise of Mobile 3.0

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MEF’s Global Mobile Consumer Survey was launched in December, and they have gone through the effort to re-mine the data to create this infographic that looks specifically at the emergence of “Mobile 3.0″ – a new emergence that is charactarized by “Super” apps displacing traditional pay once models with subscription models like Netflix, as well as in-app purchases.

In addition to the growth of the super-app, there has been a shift down in terms of volume of goods purchased and a shift up in their value with mobile users migrating their spending on big ticket items from online and the high street to mobile. [MEF’s 2013 Global Consumer Survey shows that the high spend threshold grew to 39 per cent in 2013 (up eight per cent from 2012) on items over $151].

To see the full infographic, see below: (more…)

Infographic: The Tech Tools of SA Startups

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Interested in seeing what tools SA’s tech startups use? Silicon Cape did a pretty great survey which gives us some insights into the industry. The survey focusses on programming languages, devices used etc. But it also tells us a bit about their banking preferences – it is clear that FNB’s innovative edge seems to grab the attention of techies everywhere.

Check it out:  (more…)

Gmail’s Evolution after 9 years: Infographic

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The folks at Google have drawn up this great infographic to show the journey that Gmail has taken until now. Hard to believe it is 9 years old already, and at its launch it was pretty much the norm for web based email accounts to have less than 10 MB of space. So when Gmail launched on April Fools Day in 2004, many people thought it was a joke that Google is launching a service with 1GB of storage for you to use.

The service quickly branched out into a full consumer focussed personal information manager, with tools like Calendar and Contacts launching soon after. These days Gmail is the standard in web based mail – but the biggest problem is that now you cannot get the email address you want anymore. These days you have to settle for… See the evolution of Gmail below: (more…)

What is “Social Commerce”? – Infographic

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Does it make sense for companies to invest in e-commerce based on Social Media networks? 8th Bridge did this great infographic showing the current most successful methods and networks for retailing using social network integration. (more…)

The Growth of Visual Marketing

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Content marketing is rapidly growing overseas as brands realise that being a publisher online is a great way to get their products noticed and growing. As someone in the content marketing business I’m very focussed on words but further to that with the growth of Instagram and 500px it’s inevitable that imagery will eventually tell a thousand words. Here’s an infographic on the growth of visual content marketing:


How Speech Recognition Works (Infographic)

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Speech recognition is one of those pie in the sky features that we always get excited about, but somehow just does not work all that great. It makes for a great demo, but we all know sooner or later we do not use it all that much – be it because of poor recognition or just that it does not really save time. After all, speech recognition has been a feature in most higher end phones for quite some time now, yet you do not see too many people using it. Except maybe in a car.

Now enhancements in the AI is about to revolutionize the way we talk to our gadgets – just think how good Google Voice Search has become (with multiple language support), and the way we can tell our iPhone to play a specific album. There is also talks that Apple is building speech recognition into iOS5 (which will probably ship only with iPhone 5). Apple has recently been in talks to build Nuance technology (the folks behind Dragon Naturally Speaking) into the iPhone, and Apple also recently bought “Siri”, the personal assistant app.

So you future command to your phone wont only be to “Call Jane”, but might just be: “Arrange dinner with Jane tomorrow night at Italian restaurant in Cape Town”. Then using numerous services on the web arrange all of this for you… Take a look at this video of Siri to see what I on about:

Sure, we as South Africans might have some challenges because our accents do not match the yanks (who typically get catered for first), and many of the online services do not always arrive on our shores, but it is exciting nonetheless. Only time will tell whether these enhancements do mean more people use speech recognition.

But how does it all work?

This infographic does a pretty good job of explaining automatic speech recognition (look out for the Mike Tyson quip): (more…)

What are the Personality Characteristics of iPhone vs Android Users? (Infographic)

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Yeah – there is a bit of a war brooding out there. And its not Microsoft vs Apple. Its the battle of the mobile OS’s. So take a look at this infographic that details the personality characteristics of users of iPhone and Android. Hunch is a pretty great site that makes recommendations based on things your personality and things you already like, so they have a pretty strong database to draw these correlations from. Here are some interesting findings:

  • iPhone users are 100% more likely to be Mac users. What would be great to know if these users first had Mac before the iPhone, or afterwards? Did the iPhone create a halo effect for the users to buy more Apple products?
  • Android users are typically late adopters, in fact they are much less technical according to these results. I would have honestly have thought it to be other way round, with Apple‘s focus on dumbing down user interfaces, and the large Android hacker base out there who like to customize their phones…

If you cannot see the infographic below, click through.

Yes, we are aware correlation is not necessarily causation.