iOS 8 is here!

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ios8With the yearly launch of Apple’s latest smartphone we also get an update of the operating system iOS. This year Apple introduces iOS 8 and according to them it is “the biggest iOS release ever — for developers and everyone else”. Many would argue that the release of iOS 7 last year was the biggest change since the original, but iOS 8 does seem to bring a lot of features to the table. iOS 8 is officially available from today, although you might run into some errors as the most people will be rushing to be the first in line.

The iOS 8 update will be available for iPhone 4S and up, iPad 2 and up as well as 5th generation iTouch. Let’s see what Apple has in store with the new iOS 8…


This app makes emojis of your face

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Are you getting a bit bored with the standard emoji options? Would you like to express yourself in a more personal way – especially when it comes to emojis? Then this app is definitely for you.

Imoji is an iPhone app that allows you get a little more personal when it comes to sending emojis. In a nutshell, this app will allow you to create emoji’s (or stickers) of almost anything you want.

You simply crop photos – whether it’s a selfie or a picture of your cat – and then, the app turns them into stickers. You can then send these stickers to your friends via iMessage.  (more…)

The History of iOS (video)

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A lot has been said about Apple’s new versions of iOS over the last couple of years, and there is just as many negative comments floating around than positive ones. Of course, much of this talk has come from fanboys on both sides of the iOS/Android divide.

One thing you can’t ignore, no matter which mobile operating system you prefer, is that iOS changed the way we used our cellphones and completely made certain smartphone features standard. Are the advances in iOS (which was called iPhone OS until 2009) really as minimal as many say? Take a look at TheVerge’s look in the video below: (more…)

Opera Mini gets a complete iOS makeover

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Opera Mini 8

Nowadays, we spend more time on browsing the web on our phones than we do on our computers. Thus, it is really important to have a fast, efficient and sleek web browser on your  phone – and for Apple users, the new Opera Mini 8 is all of that. 

Launched only yesterday, Opera Mini 8 is the biggest update for the Opera Mini mobile browser on both iPhone and iPad to date.

Besides being faster and cheaper, Opera Mini 8 boasts a brand new native UI look that has been designed specifically for iOS 7.

With Opera Mini 8, you can choose from three different modes of exploring the world wide web, which will give you the best possible web browsing experience according to your needs. (more…)

New emojis coming soon

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new emojis

Ah, what is a great text-based conversation without a few emojis? Emojis have become an integral part of our texting life, and if we can get our hands on more, we’d be forever grateful.

And now it looks like that might happen in the near future.

Unicode, the industry standard that regulates text and emojis across various software platforms – like iOS and Android – updated their arsenal of emojis today to include 250 new emojis.

Of course, this is good news for any text loving person, but, it is still up the Unicode partners (i.e iOS and Android) whether or not they will implement and develop the new emojis.  (more…)

Apple launches CarPlay

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After months of teasing and rumours, Apple has finally launched their ‘iOS in the Car’ initiative. And contrary to what was previously thought, the initiative isn’t called ‘iOS in the Car’, but rather CarPlay.

CarPlay has been the subject of much discussion over the past couple of months, ever since it was first mentioned in October of last year. No official launch date was ever provided, so the launch of CarPlay today at the Geneva Motor Show, comes as a bit of a surprise.

Not that we’re complaining – CarPlay’s premise looks to be quite wonderful, and, as Apple said themselves, a “smarter, safer and more fun way” to use your iPhone in your car.  (more…)

Google Hangouts for iOS redesigned

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The iPhone and iPad versions of Google’s popular apps have the reputation of sometimes being neglected Google. They have tried to alleviate those concerns from Apple customers in the last couple of years and have continued the trend by completely redesigning the Hangouts app.

It has a new flat look, which very much accompanies the entire feel of iOS. It also has a couple of new features, like picture-in-picture video calling for the first time as well as the capability to send 10 second video messages. (more…)

Will iOS 8 be able to track your fitness?

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While apps and smart devices are getting more concerned about your health, it seems that Apple’s plans for iOS 8 will also include fitness and health tracking – if these latest reports turn out to be true.

According to 9to5Mac, iOS 8 software will be able to track your vital signs by using intelligent sensors installed in your iPhone.

iOS 8 – which is codenamed Okemo – will have a key feature that will be able to track your heart rate, check your blood pressure and even your glucose levels. It will also be able to give you vital fitness stats such as the amount of steps you’ve taken in the day and how many calories you’ve burned.

While iOS 7 was more focused on a new design, iOS 8 looks set to be less focused on the interface and more focused on what new innovations it can bring to the table. And, just as we have come to expect from Apple, they are on the forefront of emerging trends – such as health apps and devices.  (more…)