Apple launches CarPlay

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After months of teasing and rumours, Apple has finally launched their ‘iOS in the Car’ initiative. And contrary to what was previously thought, the initiative isn’t called ‘iOS in the Car’, but rather CarPlay.

CarPlay has been the subject of much discussion over the past couple of months, ever since it was first mentioned in October of last year. No official launch date was ever provided, so the launch of CarPlay today at the Geneva Motor Show, comes as a bit of a surprise.

Not that we’re complaining – CarPlay’s premise looks to be quite wonderful, and, as Apple said themselves, a “smarter, safer and more fun way” to use your iPhone in your car.  (more…)

Google Hangouts for iOS redesigned

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The iPhone and iPad versions of Google’s popular apps have the reputation of sometimes being neglected Google. They have tried to alleviate those concerns from Apple customers in the last couple of years and have continued the trend by completely redesigning the Hangouts app.

It has a new flat look, which very much accompanies the entire feel of iOS. It also has a couple of new features, like picture-in-picture video calling for the first time as well as the capability to send 10 second video messages. (more…)

Will iOS 8 be able to track your fitness?

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While apps and smart devices are getting more concerned about your health, it seems that Apple’s plans for iOS 8 will also include fitness and health tracking – if these latest reports turn out to be true.

According to 9to5Mac, iOS 8 software will be able to track your vital signs by using intelligent sensors installed in your iPhone.

iOS 8 – which is codenamed Okemo – will have a key feature that will be able to track your heart rate, check your blood pressure and even your glucose levels. It will also be able to give you vital fitness stats such as the amount of steps you’ve taken in the day and how many calories you’ve burned.

While iOS 7 was more focused on a new design, iOS 8 looks set to be less focused on the interface and more focused on what new innovations it can bring to the table. And, just as we have come to expect from Apple, they are on the forefront of emerging trends – such as health apps and devices.  (more…)

Apple’s ‘iOS in the Car’ screenshots leaked

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 iOS in the Car

While 2014 seems to be the year of wearable tech, another form of integrated technology is slowly but surely making waves in the industry.

‘Smart cars’ – and no, we don’t mean the little matchbox-sized cars. The integration of smart technology into cars, has recently been elevated quite a bit with the backing of big name companies like Apple and Google.

We have reported on the newly formed Open Automotive Alliance - a world wide alliance that will help bring together tech and auto industry leaders. And, of course, this initiative is being spearheaded by Google.

While Google’s main focus would obviously be to bring Android platforms to cars, Apple has their own idea up their sleeve.

‘iOS in the Car’ is Apple’s latest adventure which aims to (as the name states) integrate iOS in your car. (more…)

Need a hair & makeup stylist? There’s an app for that

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Ladies, finally its time to get excited about an app – because this one is definitely something that could really come in handy.

Introducing Vensette – the next generation beauty app that delivers professional, specialist-trained stylists to you doorstep.

Vensette works on an ‘order and deliver’ platform. You as the user can ‘order’ or request a stylist, and within minutes, one will arrive at your doorstep ready to transform you from drab to fab. It’s the same concept as that of Uber – except instead of getting a ride, you get a blowout.

Previously, Vensette was purely web-based. In order to request a stylist, you would have to log on to their website and make an appointment. This, of course, is not that different from many other salons – the only difference is, they would come to you and not the other way around.

However, with the launch of their new app, Vensette has opened up a whole new door that takes convenient styling to a whole new level. Ladies (and gents) can now request a blowout, makeup session or both from the comfort of their smartphones. Easy steps to a made-up look.  (more…)

Happy 7th Birthday, iPhone

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There are a few things in life, specifically in the current digital age, that really transforms the world and makes such a significant impact that it will never be forgotten. One of those has been one of Apple’s most prolific inventions – the iPhone.

Today, 7 years ago, the late Steve Jobs introduced the world to the device that would soon become synonymous with the word ‘smartphone’ and mobile innovation.

To be fair, there have been some equally great smartphones released on the market that has given the almighty iPhone a hard run for its money (hello, Samsung Galaxy). Yet the iPhone still lathers itself in unfathomable popularity and takes its seat in pop culture royalty.  (more…)

Do you know what’s in your cosmetic products? These apps will let you know

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One can never be 100% sure about the ingredients and chemicals used in everyday skin care products or cosmetics. But now, not knowing might be a thing of the past as new apps developed to let consumers know what they are using, will be available soon.

The first of these is a free iPhone app called Think Dirty. Based in Toronto,  Think Dirty scans the barcode of a cosmetic product to check for ingredients and chemicals and then gives it score.

The score will then indicate whether the product contains any harmful ingredients, chemicals or allergens.

Not only will Think Dirty tell you what ingredients were used to make the product, but it will also list each ingredient separately and explain it’s potential effect on your skin or health. (more…)

iOS 7 adoption rate beats out iOS 6

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iOS 7Congratulations, Apple! All the hype you have created over iOS 7 has surely paid off – and it’s only been a day since it’s release.

Many Apple users across the globe have been waiting in anticipation for the launch of Apple’s new operating system. It was finally unleashed on the world yesterday, and boy did it do the rounds.

According to mobile web and analytics provider, Mixpanel,  the iOS 7 adoption rate has been 35% in the first 24 hours of it’s release.

The information however, is only based on approximately 300 million page views from devices in the US and Canada. So iOS 7 downloads around the world could only contribute to the final, all inclusive numbers. (more…)