Microsoft confirms Cortana for Android and iOS

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Microsoft officially confirmed today that plans are in place to bring the firm’s digital assistant, Cortana, to other mobile platforms, and that an iOS and Android release will be available shortly.

Cortana will make use of separate apps on each mobile operating system to run efficiently outside of Windows, and will be able to respond to the same commands as found on either the forthcoming release of Windows 10, or on Windows Mobile.


Apple leaks updated iPhone 5c

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Product leaks out of Apple don’t happen that often, though the latest indicates that the Cupertino company intends to return its cheapest handset to the market, following much speculation that the company intends to produce either an updated iPhone 5c or new iPhone 6c.

The image – which actually advertises a new iPhone Lightning charging dock – depicts what appears to be an updated iPhone 5c model – possibly an iPhone 6c – sporting a new Touch ID sensor.


iOS 9: the rumour roundup

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2015 looks to be a busy year for Apple; fresh from introducing its premier wearable – the Apple Watch – and ahead of a possible iPhone 6s/7 launch in September, the company is also set to unveil its iterant update to iOS.

With just less than a month to go to WWDC, let’s review the major rumours circulating the internet and round up the most speculated features to be introduced to iOS 9.


New iPhone 6s rumours: 12MP camera, new rose gold model

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As the iPhone rumour mill once again begins to turn, new details have emerged pegging a host of improvements over Apple’s incumbent smartphone, the iPhone 6.

Specifically, rumours pinpoint that the 6s will arrive in a new rose gold colour option, sport a 12 megapixel camera, and carry 2 gigabytes of RAM, among other details.


Designer creates a stunning iPhone 7 concept

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With great anticipation building over Apple’s possible plans for the next iterant update to the iPhone line, designer Martin Hajek has produced his own iPhone 7 concept.

The concept, which retains the same slim form factor of the current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, bears influences from several rumours - detailing the next iPhone’s design and features – which are presently circulating the internet.


Rumour: Apple preparing a dual-camera iPhone

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While there is already intense speculation that Apple might not opt to produce an iPhone 6S and instead leap right to the iPhone 7, a new rumour has emerged courtesy of a patent Apple filed just last week: a dual rear camera.

As seen first on the HTC One M8, the Apple patent depicts two rear cameras; namely, an normal-to-wide lens alongside a telephoto lens.


Rumour: Is Apple making an iPhone 6c?

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Nearly a year and a half since Apple introduced a “budget” iPhone in the form of the slightly more affordable plastic iPhone 5c, rumours pinpoint that Apple again intends to return to making a lower-cost smartphone, in the form of the iPhone 6c.

Recent leaks seemingly confirm this, showcasing a bright pink plastic iPhone 6 that seemingly houses a 4″ display.


Rumour: Could we see three iPhone devices this year?

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iPhone 6

Another day, another Apple rumour. As we inch closer and closer to the fall (or, Spring for us Southern Hemisphere beings) when new Apple products usually make their debut, rumours are starting to spread about the company’s proposed new devices.

This latest rumour comes from Digitimes, who are citing ‘industry sources’. These ‘industry sources’ are claiming that Apple is planning on releasing three iPhone devices this fall.

Expected to launch in the second half of 2015, if the rumours turn out to be true, Apple will release three new flagship iPhone models; the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 6S Plus and, much to our surprise, a new iPhone 6C model.  (more…)