Amazing: YouTube artist makes dance hit with iPhone sounds

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Many people (read: ‘artists’) have tried incorporating everyday sounds into catchy, up beat songs – especially that of cellphones, as they are some of the most recognizable sounds in our lives. However, not many of them can pull that off successfully, mainly because they aren’t MetroGnome.

MetroGnome is a famed YouTube artist, perhaps best known for his remixes of famous songs; usually with an emphasis on pop culture, or songs and things trending at the moment.

One of his biggest hits was his amazing remix of the Breaking Bad theme song – complete with infectious guitar and everything. This time around, however, he turned to the very epitome of pop culture and technology – the iPhone.  (more…)

Report: Apple to start manufacturing iPhone 6 screens in May

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iPhone 6 Screens

With the build up to the release of the new iPhone 6, more an more information is beng leaked about how far into production the phone actually is, and of course, when we can finally expect it to be launched.

Another tidbit of information joining the iPhone 6 build-up, is the reported production time for the phone’s screens. As we already know, the iPhone 6 will be available in two sizes; a 4.7-inch screen and a 5.5-inch screen.

According to reports by Reuters, suppliers are to start manufacturing the new iPhone screens next month, in May. Reuters claim that this information was obtained by supply chain stores who (obviously) requested to stay anonymous. (more…)

Pretty cool: an ‘iPhone Air’ concept

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iPhone Air

For as long as Apple promises new iPhones, people from all across the globe will let their imaginations run and come up with their own iPhone concepts.

Some are great and very inspiring, while others are far fetched and well, downright ugly.

However, this new concept from designer Sam Beckett, falls under the ‘great and inspiring category.

Beckett’s concept is for a proposed iPhone Air. Now, there have been no official reports or claims of a possible iPhone Air in the pipeline, but considering the fact that Apple has launched an iPad Air along with it’s MacBook Air, the idea is not as far fetched.  (more…)

Investigators meet with Apple US about Oscar Pistorius’ iPhone

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As Oscar Pistorius’ trial date draws closer and closer, investigators have finally secured a meeting with Apple in California, to help them unlock Pistorius’ locked iPhone.

According to FOX news, investigators met with Apple at the headquarters in California yesterday, in an attempt to retrieve more evidence from Oscar’s iPhone.

Since last year, investigators have had somewhat of a headache with the locked iPhone. Oscar, of course, said that he could not remember the passcode to unlock his iPhone – thus the locked phone has been with investigators ever since, where they have tried numerous times to by-pass the security code.

However, unlocking the phone proved more difficult than initially thought, and investigators had to secure help from Apple officials in California. (more…)

Apple patents in ear fitness tracking

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apple-headphones-2Apple has been rumored getting their fingers into all sorts of areas lately. Yesterday we reported that Apple was looking into expanding into the medical and motoring industries. It seems like the Cupertino based company are once again looking for that “iPod”/”iPhone” moment within different sectors in the consumer market. Currently the it-word for mobile devices is fitness tracking and Apple are once again looking for avenues of innovation. Yesterday a patent was lodged with the US patent office where Apple discusses how skin-sensing technology could monitor a user’s heart rate, body temperature and perspiration levels. The kicker? All this technology will fit into your headphones…


Will iOS 8 be able to track your fitness?

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While apps and smart devices are getting more concerned about your health, it seems that Apple’s plans for iOS 8 will also include fitness and health tracking – if these latest reports turn out to be true.

According to 9to5Mac, iOS 8 software will be able to track your vital signs by using intelligent sensors installed in your iPhone.

iOS 8 – which is codenamed Okemo – will have a key feature that will be able to track your heart rate, check your blood pressure and even your glucose levels. It will also be able to give you vital fitness stats such as the amount of steps you’ve taken in the day and how many calories you’ve burned.

While iOS 7 was more focused on a new design, iOS 8 looks set to be less focused on the interface and more focused on what new innovations it can bring to the table. And, just as we have come to expect from Apple, they are on the forefront of emerging trends – such as health apps and devices.  (more…)

iPhone 6 frame and camera details revealed

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Last week was a whirlwind in the form of CES 2014. If you are a mobile fan and like the Android or Windows 8.1/Windows Phone platforms, then you are completely set at the trade show. Apple enthusiasts, on the other hand, have a lot less to look forward to.

Just because Apple is not present at CES doesn’t mean we need to ignore them completely. Apple’s manufacturing partners may be up to something of their own in Southeast Asia, and we’ve just gotten our ears on news about Apple and it’s purportedly an image of a metal frame for the iPhone 6 (below). (more…)

Happy 7th Birthday, iPhone

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There are a few things in life, specifically in the current digital age, that really transforms the world and makes such a significant impact that it will never be forgotten. One of those has been one of Apple’s most prolific inventions – the iPhone.

Today, 7 years ago, the late Steve Jobs introduced the world to the device that would soon become synonymous with the word ‘smartphone’ and mobile innovation.

To be fair, there have been some equally great smartphones released on the market that has given the almighty iPhone a hard run for its money (hello, Samsung Galaxy). Yet the iPhone still lathers itself in unfathomable popularity and takes its seat in pop culture royalty.  (more…)