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iTunes Music Store launches in South Africa

Published by on Dec 4th, 2012, 10 Comments

Finally, the day South African Apple fans have waited for has arrived. After 9 long years of being available in first world countries, South Africans can now buy legal music from iTunes, using their South African credit cards.

Apple has made it clear that they will also focus on local artists, and the initial featured screens seem to support that. We ran a few talented South African artists through the search engine, and the results seem pretty good. Unfortunately we also found a few less talented ones as well.

Songs are available in rand pricing (a switch which occured about a month ago). We will be trying out the new service today, but we are particularly interested to see if iTunes Match will also be available to us. iTunes Match works like this – you have your music library (which you might have gotten very various sources, they do not all have to be purchased through iTunes), and then Apple goes and scans your library. Once Apple has these tracks it matches it to their massive iTunes catalogue, and then makes that catalogue available to your from any of your other authorized machines with iTunes, and all your authorized iOS devices like iPod, iPhone and iPad. Effectively this makes your entire music catalogue (legal or not) – available everywhere.