Watch the 9 September Apple event live!

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Apple-event2Tech sites, iFans and even a few curious Andriod die hards are eagerly awaiting Apple’s latest product release event next week Tuesday (9 September). Whether you are waiting to see whether Apple delivers fantastic products or to scoff at another disappointing launch you cannot deny the interest around the event.

Building on the hype Apple has decided to stream the whole event live on their website. The web page currently features a clock ticking down to next week’s event where Apple will reportedly introduce the new iPhone 6 (two models) as well as the long awaited iWatch. But there may be more… (more…)

Apple launching the iPhone 6 and iWatch on Sept 9th

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September is shaping up to be a massive month for mobile devices once again. We were already expecting the new 4.7-inch iPhone to be launched on this date, but new reports suggest that we will also see the reveal of the much rumoured iWatch. (more…)

Apple hires Tag Heuer exec ahead of imminent iWatch launch

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Patrick Pruniaux

I think it would be safe to say that Apple’s mysterious iWatch is finally nearing release – especially if Apple’s latest employee is anything to go by.

Apple has recently hired (read: poached) a top executive from famous luxury Swiss watch maker, Tag Heuer – and it’s kind of obvious why they hired him if you take into consideration the recent influx of iWatch rumours.

Patrick Pruniaux is the now former Vice President of Sales and Retail at Tag Heuer. He will now join Apple in a role that has yet to be announced by the California-based company. However, we are pretty sure that Mr. Pruniaux will help the company promote their upcoming iWatch.

With a reported October launch for the iWatch, Pruniaux will have a few months to plan and implement an sales and marketing plan for the device. Apple is somewhat late to smart watch party, with Samsung and Motorola being the front runners on the scene.  (more…)

Apple’s smartwatch will have ‘more than 10 sensors’

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We are getting closer to the reveal of Apple’s smartwatch, and with the launch of Android Wear happening this week, we can’t wait to see how it will compare. We have now received reports that the company is planning a new wearable that comes in “multiple screen sizes” and includes “more than 10 sensors” capable of tracking fitness and wellbeing.

We expect the sensors to include ones like an accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, compass, heart-rate monitor, altimeter and an ambient light sensor. (more…)

Rumour: iWatch to start production soon

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There have been countless rumours about Apple’s mysterious iWatch over the past few months, but if this latest one is to be believed, we might be able to see an actual iWatch very soon.

According to a new report (rumour if you will) by Reuters, Apple plans to start production on the iWatch as early as July.

Reuters reports that Taiwan based company, Quanta Computer Inc. will start mass producing the elusive smart watch in July.

As to the look of the iWatch, Reuters reports that the watch will feature a 2.5 inch display, will be ‘slight;y’ rectangular with the face of the watch slightly protruding from the actual band.

The report also states that LG will be the exclusive supplier of the screen for the watch. (more…)

Apple working on “iWatch”?

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Once again the rumour mill is in full swing after a post on TGBUS. Their insider info now has Intel linked to the project, and it will feature a 1.5 inch display and Bluetooth 4.0, which is ideal for for low power transmitting. Intel will be supplying the low power processing in the device, which will be a big shift away from Apple’s current in house processing design used in the iPhone and iPad. The iWatch will apparently pair to the iPhone or iPad, and will in doing so probably also use their data connections.

Ever since the release of the sixth generation iPod Nano in 2010, people have wanted some type of Apple watch. Many buyers of the Nano at that stage mounted the player to their wrists, which made it a somewhat bulky but very cool watch. Apple caught on the fad, and released more watch faces for the software later. Problem was, the watch was an iPod, and nothing more. So no smart features or notification ability. (more…)