LG is now the world’s fourth largest smartphone manufacturer

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At the end of 2014, Chinese manufacturers were starting to take over the market share of scraps left by Apple and Samsung. Now, another traditionally strong contender has reclaimed a top 5 spot. (more…)

LG officially launches the G4

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While just about all the intriguing aspects have been made known prior to launch through product leaks – from the upcoming smartphone’s size to its leather rear shell – LG officially launched their 2015 flagship, the G4, today.

LG took to the stage today for a one-hour event in London to reveal the G4, hosted by British presenter Gabby Logan.


Could the LG Stylus be the company’s upcoming phablet

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Forget the rumours surrounding the LG G4 for a second, there’s another phone to discuss now. A couple months back, we first heard of an LG phone flying under the codename LS770 being approved by the FCC in the United States; at the time, we weren’t quite sure what the phone was, although we did know of the existence of a 5.8-inch display and a respectably-sized 3,000 mAh battery. (more…)

Yes, this is the LG G4

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lg-g4-facebook LG has on Facebook made official what LG (probably) outed over the weekend: This is the LG G4. This marketing shot of a woman holding the G4 is the same as one used in that leaked G4 preview site, only from a different angle. (more…)

Check out the new teaser video of the LG G4′s Quantum HD display

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LG-G4It seems as though everybody and his dog knows everything about the upcoming LG G4. There has been so many leaks and published information the phone already feels like it is on sale. Well, there is still more information to be had!

LG is keeping the teasing going for its April 28 New York City / London G4 launch event with this LG G4 display teaser video… (more…)

LG leaks a leather-clad G4

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LG G4-970-80

Following the LG G3′s release in May of 2014, a legion of users complained about the cheap feeling the handset’s faux-metal (plastic) rear shell gave in-hand. With the G4, this evidently won’t be a concern, as LG mistakenly released full press images of its upcoming flagship for 2015 – clad in leather.

Tipster @Evleaks pinpointed LG’s mistake, which showcased the rear shell of the G4 adorned in leather which, according to the image shown, will arrive in six different colours.


[Watch] LG teases new G4 software

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Ahead the April 28th reveal of LG’s newest flagship, the G4, the Korean company has released a new teaser video which shows the upcoming smartphone’s face-lifted interface that runs parallel to Android’s makeover with 5.0 Lollipop.

The new update, however, is not limited to interface improvements which come alongside the G4 – LG has included several new apps which launch alongside the device, including “Smart Alert” and “Smart Board”. A smart phone, it appears, this will be.


LG G4 “Note” might feature a metal body

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While a possible announcement date draws nearer for LG’s (supposed) 2015 flagship, the G4, rumours circulating the internet pinpoint that LG’s forthcoming premium smartphone won’t feature a metal chassis, much to the chagrin of users who’ve felt that the current G3 is let down by a faux metal (plastic) finish.

Rather, sources pinpoint that a higher-end – or at least, larger – G4 “Note” smartphone or phablet will feature an premium metal body.