These could quite possibly be the strangest smartphones ever

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We all know that there is intense competition in the smartphone market. Phones are getting bigger and faster and, well, smarter. And while this is all good and well, LG just took things to a whole new level; a whole new level of strange.

The company has introduced 4 new smartphones that each has their own, distinct personality. We’re not kidding – personalities.

The LG AKA range f phones include 4 different smartphones each with a personal name and an accompanying character or persona if you will.

Introducing Eggy, Wooky, YoYo and Soul. And just like any well-thought out fictional character, these four have their own backstories which forms part of their distinct personas.  (more…)

LG G3 already getting Android 5.0 Lollipop

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Last year, LG made the flagship Nexus device for Google while Motorola was first out of the gate with the latest Android update for its own phones. This year, the roles have reversed as Moto is responsible for the Nexus 6 and LG has announced itself as the first global smartphone manufacturer to offer the Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade. (more…)

Google and LG sign 10 year patent licensing agreement

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Cross-licencing deals are becoming much more common than in years past, especially in the tech industry. This is mostly to prevent companies having to slug it out in court for years at a time, but also a show of good faith. (more…)

LG to launch its own SoC in new phone

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Another mobile company, LG, will be producing its own system-on-a-chip (SoC) chipsets very soon. Samsung’s got its Exynos chips, Apple’s got its own A-series of SoCs, and LG will join them with some personalised SoCs of its own: the so-called Odin chip. (more…)

Future LG G Flex devices show up in trademarks

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Even though the LG G Flex was a flawed device, it was still one of the most interesting to hit the market in the last couple of years. The screen was extremely disappointing, even though the form factor was some new and added something to the experience. We’re still waiting to see what LG is planning for this product’s future, and today we get some hints on what to expect. (more…)

LG designing a 3G-connected smartwatch

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The smartwatch market is still in its infancy and still many questions remain about why we would actually want to use it on a regular basis. One of the arguments put forth by manufacturers is that it can completely replace your smartphone, and wouldn’t need to be tethered to one.

Samsung believe there is a market for such a device and has already launched the Gear S (pictured above), a 3G connected smartwatch that can make phone calls and it brings basically all other smartphone functionality you would need (i.e. email, maps, etc). (more…)

LG officially announces the G Watch R

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LG is not leaving a lot to announce at the IFA 2014 trade show. They have taken the wraps off of their circular smartwatch, called the G Watch R (presumably for ‘round’).

According to LG, it is the first “watch-style” wearable in the world. It will be using a P-OLED display, and will be utilizing 100% of the watch face for the screen. Motorola’s reluctance to thoroughly explain the need for the small black bar at the bottom of the Moto 360 does seem to be costing them now. (more…)

LG to unveil a Moto 360 competitor (video)

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With the release of Android Wear open up a whole new world of possibilities for the wearable market and until now we have only seen a couple of companies take advantage of it. One of them is LG, with the release of the LG G Watch.

Media impressions have been patchy at best, with the entire industry looking to the Moto 360 to be the saviour of public opinion when it comes to Android wearables. The 360 will most likely be revealed at IFA 2014, but it seems that LG will try to take advantage of much of the hype coming from the 360 with a circular smartwatch of their own. (more…)