LG G3 Review: Bow to the new Android King

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Last year LG released one of the most critically acclaimed smartphones of the year, the LG G2. After rebranding the old Optimus brand, the LG G2 was the successor to the Optimus G, at least in spirit. The LG G2 completely set itself apart from the Optimus G, though, and quickly became LG’s best-selling smartphone.

Now LG brings us the LG G3, available in South Africa from 1 August, and it’s trying to take everything on board from fans and critics alike and apply to the design of its latest flagship to appeal to all. Does it succeed in improving everything we didn’t like about the G2 while consolidating its successes from that device?

Before we find out, check out some of the key features of the G3: (more…)

This LG TV can be rolled up like a newspaper (video)

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This kind of technology is surely going to be in all our houses within 5 years, if the experts are to be believed. Flexible and bendable displays are all the rage these days. LG has showcased another one of their prototypes, and you’ll never believe how bendable this one actually is.

The resolution isn’t quite up to scratch as of yet, coming in at a measly 1200 x 810 pixels, but this is a massive step forward. We can’t wait to see how this will be implemented in mass market televisions soon!

Check out the video of the prototype after the break. (more…)

LG G Flex Review: Curved brilliance or gimmicky mess?

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The LG G Flex was announced to a public that was already quite sceptic of curved smartphones, thanks to the bemusing design of the Samsung Galaxy Round, which is curved along the portrait orientation. Luckily, the G Flex is curved along the landscape viewing axis, which makes a lot more sense (for reasons we will get to later).

As the name suggests, it is also flexible. Not like rubber – you have to put some muscle into doing it. Bendable, foldable, flexible screens have long hovered on the horizon and LG wants to start making them a reality. Could this be the beginning of a new revolution in the smartphone industry or just another whim which will fade away soon?

Before we find out, check out some of the key features of this device: (more…)

LG G3 Launch – Return of the King?

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LGG3The hype train that is the LG G3 has finally hit our South African shores! Last night saw LG unveil their latest flagship device to the South African media at The Venue in Melrose Arch Johannesburg. Since the launch of the LG G2 last year the LG SA marketing team has certainly stepped up their game. They have been focusing on forming partnerships with the media, tech influentials and their immediate service provider partners. The venue, people and setup of last night’s launch spoke volumes of the growing confidence LG has in their smartphone offerings. Last year many people rated the G2 king of the hill. Will the king return in 2014? (more…)

LG launches the G3 Beat

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After a plethora of leaks LG has made the G3 Beat official. We welcome with some excitement the smaller version of LG’s G3 flagship. It has the same flowing lines and small bezels as its larger brother and the same stunning looks.

As you’d expect, we basically have a scaled down G3, very much like we see with the Galaxy S5 Mini. It isn’t actually that much smaller than the flagship as you’d expect. What we have here is a 5-inch display, but all the specs are pretty much mid-tier. (more…)

LG flexing their display muscles again

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LG Transparent2The engineering department at LG seems obsessed with bending their displays. In 2012 they produced the e-link flexible display, last year they gave us the slightly flexible OLED display used in the G-Flex. Now they have gone a step further, the propeller heads at LG have developed a massive 18-inch OLED display that can be rolled up into a tight cylinder with a radius of just 3 centimeters! They have also announced an 18-inch OLED display that is highly transparent.

LG claims that by 2017 these two technologies will be combined to create a 60-inch UHD (4K) display which is both flexible and highly transparent. This might just signal the end of printed media as the new age of fold-up e-paper is upon us. (more…)

LG G3 to launch in SA in August

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LG G3 colours

We are truly excited to announce that South Africa will get the LG G3 much earlier than previously expected. The flagship is launching next month, to much fanfare of the media and the tech community as a whole.

The much anticipated successor to the the great LG G2 is the first ‘mainstream’ device that has a Quad HD display, and we can’t wait to see how it performs. We will be receiving a review unit sometime before the end of the week, so stay tuned for more coverage and a full review in the weeks to come.

Check out the full media release below: (more…)

LG to launch the G3 Lite and G3 Beat

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We often find out what devices we can expect pretty soon by looking at trademark registrations, and this is one such case. The ones from LG we are expecting now are called the G3 Lite and G3 Beat (among others). (more…)