The LG G3 will have a Quad HD display

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The internet was abuzz until weeks ago with the possibility of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 having a QHD display, which has a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440. The term “Quad” HD comes from the fact that such a screen has twice the amount of pixels as a 720p screen. Alas, the device has a regular 1080p display, but some Chinese manufacturers have released QHD displays on their devices.

Now however, one of the bigger players have accidentally showed their hand with a leaked photograph. (more…)

LG G Watch with Android Wear launching next quarter

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LG Watch

This week has been massive for smartphones and wearables as a whole, with the launch of Google’s Android Wear, the dedicated Android OS for wearables. LG is the latest company to make an announcement about a new smartwatch which will run Android Wear.

LG’s latest device will be called the G Watch, and will reportedly launch sometime in the next quarter. We have no word on specs or any other details, for that matter, but that is sure to change pretty soon. (more…)

LG G-Pro Lite Review – Bringing large displays to the masses

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Front2LG is certainly making some waves in the smartphone market. They are no longer the mid-market “we-actually-build-TVs” company that are just competitive enough to keep producing mediocre phones. A bit harsh? Nope. I just wanted to provide some background on the huge contrast we are seeing from LG regarding their smartphone offering. With revolutionary G2 coming out last year the South-Korean company has made all the Android heavyweights sit up and take notice. We were recently invited to the launch of LG’s upcoming flagship the G-Flex and also making a debut is the G-Pro Lite. How do you capture market share in lower income countries? You make owning a smartphone cheaper. The G-Pro Lite ticks all the boxes. (more…)

LG G2 Mini revealed, shrinks size and specs

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Just last week we reported that LG have ‘officially’ revealed its LG G2 Mini. Now, they have taken the wraps off the devices internals. It seems that the company doesn’t want to be shadowed among all the Android manufacturers that will be releasing their devices at MWC 2014 next week, so they are revealing their devices to the media beforehand.

It does seem that the LG G2 Mini has a couple of drawbacks when compared to its big brother, unlike the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact which managed to cram top end specs into a smaller chassis. The G2 Mini is powered by the older Snapdragon 400 quad-core, has a 4.7 inch display which only has a deflating 960 x 540 qHD resolution. (more…)

LG G Pro 2 phablet announced

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The announcement has been made before MEC 2014, which was a surprise, but LG has taken the wraps off of its successor to the LG Optimus G Pro. The G Pro 2 is pretty much what we thought it would be following several leaks. (more…)

LG G2 Mini teaser posted by LG

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We have previously heard about the possibility of a mini version of LG’s flagship G2 smartphone. As we found out recently when we reviewed the LG G2, it is a great phone. This made us extremely excited to give the LG G2 Mini a go, but we had no idea if it was real.

Now, however, we know that we will get this device sometime in the future. LG have just posted a picture on its Facebook page depicting a smaller version of the G2. The rumours previously stated that it will also have a Snapdragon 800 processor, which means it won’t be watered down version of the G2 like we had with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the HTC One Mini. (more…)

LG G2 Review – Finally taking on the heavyweights

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LG used to be cool. Their appliances have always been well known, but they used to be the number one flat screen TV manufacturer and they also made some great phones that sold very well. The fondest memories I have is of their flip phones, which were great, and later they had some well received QWERTY devices.

To be honest, the public’s attention has been on Apple and Samsung so much that LG started to feel like a second-rate Samsung in many respects – new devices came just too late to garner interest from the consumer. We saw this with the entire lifespan of their Optimus product line, and to the surprise of no one, it has been dropped to turn over a new leaf.

The G2 is quite clearly LG’s answer to Samsung’s Galaxy S4. They did try to push up the launch so that it doesn’t coincide with the announcement of the Galaxy S5, just enough time for it to be in the spotlight long enough. They have also tried something new, with a completely unique hardware design. Will it help LG stand out from the crowd, or fall into the doldrums of gimmicky mediocrity?

Here are some of the key features: (more…)

LG G Pro 2’s camera to include upgraded OIS and 4K recording

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Another device that is going to launch at Mobile World Congress this month in Barcelona is the LG G Pro 2, the successor the LG’s phablet entry from last year. While the LG G2 has a great camera, the camera on this new device is supposedly going to put it to shame.

LG are adding software upgrades to the optical image stabilization camera found on its preceding Android phones. It’s calling the feature “Electro Image System” and it will apparently keep those 13-megapixel shots even sharper, augmenting existing hardware stabilization. (more…)