How To: Upgrade your LG G3 to Lollipop now!

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The wait is over. Android’s latest operating system, Lollipop is now available in South Africa (even before it has become available in the US). LG Mobile is the first to bring it to local consumers and is has been available for download since late last week.  Lollipop is available only for the LG G3 at the moment, but will roll out for other devices at a later stage.

You have a couple of options to install the latest version of the software: (more…)

LG G4 not launching at MWC, LG ‘still perfecting’ it

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Last year LG released the much praised LG G3 and earlier this month they unveiled the LG G Flex 2, which at first glance looks like a winner.

Some reports claimed that the follow-up to last year’s LG G3 will be launched at MWC in March, but that seems not to be the case. (more…)

Has LG teased the G Watch R2 at CES? (Update: Running WebOS)

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The Las Vegas trade show is bringing us many smartwatches to choose from, which is great for the consumer, but how will you choose?

We’ve seen watches like Alcatel’s OneTouch, bands like Lenovo’s, and new looks for old models like Sony’s managed to deliver. Last year, the LG G Watch R was one of the more talked about models, as it is the only truly round faces smartwatch to date that has come to the mass market. (more…)

LG announces the G Flex 2 at CES 2015

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The LG G Flex was one of the more interesting devices in 2014. While it was certainly flawed in many ways, it did give us something new to consider in a smartphone market that seems to be getting more humdrum every year as innovation dries up.

Now, LG have announced its successor, the aptly named G Flex 2. It is a truly striking device to behold, unlike anything else on the market. While the G Flex wasn’t a particularly good looking device, the G Flex 2 has been designed to resemble the LG G3 and it has certainly worked in the looks department.

The device will come in some nice colours as well, with platinum silver and white resembling that of the G3, but also with an additional vivid red. (more…)

Review: LG Tone Pro Bluetooth Headphones

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LG6Wearable tech is a hot topic right now. It seems as though the smartphone has been playing second fiddle to the recent surge in interest of smartwatches and other wearable tech like fitness armbands and the like. Every tech company wants to make sure they get their slice of the revenue pie, whether in the smartphone, smartwatch, music or any other product line. But a product that never really gets as much attention is headphones.

There is a clear difference in the type of consumer when it comes to headphones. On the one side you have the guy that uses his smartphone accompanying set of headphones and never has a problem with them. On the other side you have the audiophile that needs clear crisp sound, deep non-distorting bass and of course stylish design and mobility when it comes to his/her headphones. I have been using a set of LG Tone Pro Bluetooth headphones for the past few weeks and I think it brings to two consumer opposites a bit closer together. Read the review and find out why. (more…)

LG may release cell enabled G Watch R2

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lggwatchr2Everyone is trying to push the boundaries with their smartwatch design and functionality. Apple will be launching the Apple Watch early in the new year and we are yet to be convinced if it will deliver as promised. LG will be stepping up their smartwatch offering with the new G Watch R2. Rumors have been floating around that LG will launch their new smartwatch at next year’s MWC and it will come with a cellular connection. (more…)

LG files patent for the LG G Pen

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Very interesting, after bringing out a Pro just a couple of months ago, that we just heard rumours that LG will be discontinuing the series. It seems those rumours were a bit premature, to be honest.

Now, while LG does have the stylus-equipped G3 Stylus, the phone’s hardware falls seriously short of G3 quality, and the stylus is nothing more than a capacitive job. But now all of a sudden we’re considering whether LG might have plans for a phone that takes much better advantage of pen input, as we see the company file a trademark for something called the G Pen. (more…)

These could quite possibly be the strangest smartphones ever

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We all know that there is intense competition in the smartphone market. Phones are getting bigger and faster and, well, smarter. And while this is all good and well, LG just took things to a whole new level; a whole new level of strange.

The company has introduced 4 new smartphones that each has their own, distinct personality. We’re not kidding – personalities.

The LG AKA range f phones include 4 different smartphones each with a personal name and an accompanying character or persona if you will.

Introducing Eggy, Wooky, YoYo and Soul. And just like any well-thought out fictional character, these four have their own backstories which forms part of their distinct personas.  (more…)