Lumia 820

BWB TV Review: The Midrange Battle between Nokia and HTC

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Not everyone wants to spend large amounts of money on high end phones – often the best value handsets are the phones that slot in just below the top of the range devices. The media tends to focus on the latest and greatest models, with phones like the Lumia 820 and HTC 8S only becoming footnotes on the press releases.

Along the way we noticed that mid-range is perhaps a misnomer when you compare these two phones. Even though they both slot in just below the high end Windows Phone offerings, they are very different in design, performance and price. So which one gives the most bang for your buck? Watch below to find out. (more…)

Nokia Announces Latest Lumia Flagship Phones

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Nokia today announced the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 820, the first devices in Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 range.

The Nokia Lumia 920 is the new flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone, which includes the latest advances in Nokia PureView imaging innovation. Using advanced floating lens technology, the camera in the Nokia Lumia 920 is able to take in five times more light than competing smartphones without using flash, making it possible to capture clear, bright pictures and video indoors and at night. It also compensates for hand movement while the photo is being taken.

“Nokia PureView continues to deliver cutting-edge technology to make it possible for a smartphone camera to take the kind of images usually only seen on a standalone SLR camera,” said Jo Harlow, executive vice president of Nokia Smart Devices. “With the Nokia Lumia 920 we have made it possible to shoot pictures and video at home, outdoors, in a restaurant or even at night, and come out with professional-looking results.”

“We view imaging as a core area for differentiation in the smartphone space,” said Crawford Del Prete, Executive VP WW Products and Chief Research Officer, IDC. “Low light photography has been a weak point for smartphones. Nokia has addressed this with PureView to create real customer value. By applying its rich expertise in imaging Nokia has created a best of breed experience for everyday use.”

The Nokia Lumia 920 also comes with (more…)

Next Nokia Lumia to feature Wireless Charging

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The rumour mill is in full force today, with specs for Nokia’s next Lumia smartphone showing up everywhere. We have always been big fans of Nokia’s Lumia range – we love the great looking hardware and great Windows Phone interface, but it was let down somewhat by Windows Phone 7′s poor multitasking and slow uptake of apps. Microsoft is hoping to change that with Windows Phone 8, and Nokia is these days Microsoft’s new best friend.

The upcoming Lumia 820 and 920 will arrive in the near future – both sporting Windows Phone 8, with the 820 featuring a 4.3 inch screen, and the 920 a 4.5 inch screen. The 920 carries a similiar look to the older Lumia 900, while the 820 will have more rounded corners. The big news is that these phones will apparently have Pureview lens technology (remember that Nokia phone with the insane 41 Megapixel sensor?), but maybe not at the same level as the original PureView cameraphone – this time it will have a 8MP camera, but it will use some of the PureView tech for image stabilisation.