Microsoft Lumia 535 review: Windows phone for the masses

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2015 is an interesting year for Microsoft. For the first time in years, the Redmond company seems to be establishing a vivid ecosystem, with results which look – so far – to be impressive. From the forthcoming release of Windows 10, to Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia, Microsoft now has the opportunity to regain the confidence of its consumer base – and that pursuit of critical appeal is where the firm’s newest budget smartphone, the Lumia 535, comes into play.

The Lumia 535 is Microsoft’s first ‘official’ Lumia phone since the firm acquired Nokia – sporting Microsoft branding, the Lumia 535 is aimed at a budget audience who’re seeking a Windows phone experience. Microsoft’s intention here is most telling – rather than let their inaugural smartphone exist as a premium flagship, the company have developed a sub-R2000 smartphone for audiences everywhere.


Samsung to offer pre-installed Microsoft apps

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Samsung have announced the intention to expand on a recent partnership with Microsoft, and offer pre-installed Microsoft apps on select Android tablets.

Microsoft’s entire Office suite – Word, Excel and Powerpoint –  will arrive pre-installed on Android tablets alongside the company’s OneNote note-taking app, OneDrive cloud storage facility, and the popular video-calling service, Skype.


5 reasons why you should watch Microsoft over Apple

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Less than 5 years ago, Microsoft was an ailing giant.

Following nearly a decade under Steve Ballmer (by that point), the company itself was actually a financial success, which had managed to triple its revenue following the departure of Bill Gates as CEO in 2000. However, when pitted against the company’s greatest rival – Apple – Microsoft’s successes paled in comparison, delivering meandering successes with Xbox and Windows sales while Apple enjoyed runaway success with the iPod, iPhone, and later, iPad.

For those years, Microsoft was a largely reactive company, working frivolously to outdo Apple in spheres where the Cupertino behemoth was seen by the public as the great innovator. The pitfalls the company reached with it’s Zune media player and the release of Windows Vista were seen by many as the company’s darkest period.


Microsoft set to launch Windows 10 come mid-2015

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windows10The announcement of the latest Windows platform last year was received with some trepidation and it naming it Windows 10 (where ‘s 9?) didn’t help with some of the confusion. Never the less Microsoft has been working hard getting W10 ready.

After a less than satisfying Windows 8 release the tech giant will aim to get similar buy-in and appreciation that Windows 95 (back in the day) and the bit more recent Windows XP received. Well, we are set to find out by the middle of this year… (more…)

Microsoft’s Cortana coming to iOS?

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We all know that Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana and Apple’s equivalent, Siri, are fierce competitors. So much so, in fact, that Microsoft has even mocked the rivalry in an advertisement for Cortana.

So you can imagine our surprise when we heard that there are rumours doing the rounds that Cortana may soon be available on iOS – and for good measure, on Android, too!

According to a report by Reuters, Microsoft is planning on making Cortana available as a stand alone app that both iOS and Android users will be able to download.  (more…)

Microsoft unveils Lumia 640 and Lumia 640XL at MWC

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Not to be outdone by many of its rivals at MWC, Microsoft has taken the wraps off of two (essentially the same) smartphones with which it will aim to keep its large market share in the mid-tier smartphone market. The major difference between the two are their sizes, as you would have guessed from the XL moniker.

Both devices will launch in April, and Microsoft says that the 640 features Windows Phone 8.1, as well as a 2,500 mAh battery for all-day battery life. You will also find a 5-inch HD display at 720p and it will come in four different colours, namely Cyan, Orange, Black, and White. (more…)

Opinion: The desktop isn’t dated, but our idea of it is

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Undoubtedly, if you’ve heard the word Microsoft recently, it’s been prefixed to a new buzzword: HoloLens.

If you’re of the small clan who’re uninitiated, HoloLens was debuted by Microsoft on the 21st of January as the next step in transforming our world into a generic science fiction utopia – an augmented reality kit (a headset, to be exact) – which, through a natural user interface reacts with a user’s input (tilting one’s head through to speaking out loud) to project apps and components of (a full version of) Windows 10 atop a user’s vision.


Windows 10 will give you (even more) new ways to log in

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When Windows 8 released in August of 2012, it was evident that Microsoft has thought up as many ways as possible for users to log into their account. Conventional passwords, accompanied by (gesture-based) picture passwords and PIN codes are all log-in options for the Redmond firm’s current operating system.

Just last week, Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will embrace new specifications and will be equipped to handle log-in security at a biometric level – for instance, by way of retinal-scanning and fingerprint identification.