Windows Phone 10 leaks shows new homescreen

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Alongside the new Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft is launching their new software for smartphones. We’re not yet exactly sure what it will be called yet (the rumoured names are either Windows Phone 10 or Windows 10 for phones), but a leak allegedly shows off the homescreen of the new software. (more…)

Is a new Age of Empires game in the making?

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If you get the same nostalgia thinking about the first two Age of Empires games as we do, you grew up a golden age of real time strategy games. We spent countless hours building and destroying walls, decimating enemy armies and gathering those precious resources which made it all possible. (more…)

New Microsoft browser to include Cortana, other features

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Earlier in the week we reported that Microsoft is allegedly building an entirely new web browser to be launched with the new Windows update, Windows 10.

Apparently, the new browser is specifically designed to be more streamlined and a so-called ‘light-weight’ browser. The browser is supposedly codenamed ‘Spartan’ for now, and will be completely separate from Microsoft’s long-standing flagship browser, Internet Explorer.

Now, reports are stating that ‘Spartan’ will include a whole bunch of new features, some of which haven’t been included in other, rival browsers. This is a big step from Microsoft, considering that Internet Explorer has been lacking behind other browsers for years.

A big step, but one that is no doubt necessary.  (more…)

Microsoft launches the Lumia 215 – the world’s cheapest internet phone

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In a move we have come to expect from Microsoft since acquiring Nokia, they are continuing to focus on affordable devices rather than flashy flagship smartphones. In this case, however, the Lumia 215 is the cheapest of its kind.

Yes, it won’t win any performance awards, but it is aimed at emerging markets where people might be getting the capability of connecting to the internet with a phone for the first time, and of course for very budget-minded folk. (more…)

Report: Microsoft building brand new web browser for Windows 10

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It’s certainly no secret that Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s long-standing web browser, is, well, kind of a joke. And by joke I mean literally, too, as the countless memes, puns and jokes can attest to.

All jokes aside, it is common knowledge that Internet Explorer is not as powerful as some of its competitors, like Google Chrome for instance. And it seems that finally Microsoft may have caught on to this.

Rumours are running rife that Microsoft is planning to introduce a whole new, completely different web browser alongside the launch of the upcoming Windows 10.

According to various sources, the new browser is currently codenamed ‘Spartan’ and will “look and feel more like Chrome and Firefox.” (more…)

Playstation & Xbox networks up and running after Christmas attack

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XboxOnePS4ControllersChristmas time is usually a time for family, sharing and all round joy and happiness. Sometimes though certain family time get a bit too much, and for those that can’t listen to their drunk uncle tell his “border-war” stories again find some sanctuary in their console gaming. Unfortunately these gamers were devastated to find both Xbox Live and the Playstation Network were offline and it only got up and running again over the weekend. (more…)

NORAD and Microsoft releases the Santa tracking app

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NORADThe festive season is upon us and you can’t go anywhere in public without running into a Christmas tree or one of Santa’s reindeer. Children across the country will be nagging their parents to make sure that Santa delivers this year. One way to make sure Santa is keeping to his schedule is NORAD’s Santa Tracker and it is up and running for 2014. the site will help you count down the days to Christmas and this year they are doing things a bit different. (more…)

Microsoft’s Lumia in Cape Town: A report back

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930 4

Microsoft (under the Nokia badge) took centre stage on Thursday the 20th of November to demo three new contenders in the firm’s Lumia range – the 730, 830, and 930 – at the lush Twelve Apostles hotel in Cape Town.

Running with the theme of all things photography, Microsoft introduced National Geographic photographer Jason Alvarez, who showcased his work following his exclusive use of the Lumia range for the past 18 months. (more…)