Top Microsoft execs to leave the company

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Well this is rather interesting. A month (to the day) after Satya Nadella was appointed as Microsoft Corporation’s new CEO, the company has announced that two of it’s to executives are waving goodbye to Microsoft.

Tony Bates and Tami Reller will n longer call the mega company their place of work, after Nadella himself made the announcement in an email to employees today.

Bates is the former CEO of Skype, which Microsoft acquired in 2011 as well as being the current executive Vice President ofBusiness Development.

As of today, Bates will be replaced by Eric Rudder, who, up to now, has been the interim Vice President of Advanced Strategy.

The other top exec that will leave the company is one of Microsoft’s most prominent female executives, Tami Reller. Reller, who is the executive Vice President of Marketing as well as being the co-head of Windows, has been with the company since 2001.  (more…)

Are Android apps coming to Windows?

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Rumours are running rife that Microsoft might be giving in and opening up Windows for Android apps – and many believe it’s about time.

According to The Verge, sources close to Microsoft’s inner circle have revealed that the company are heavily considering the big move of allowing Android apps to run on Windows mobile and desktop platforms.

While the sources claim that these Microsoft Android mash-up ideas are still only in it’s early stages of discussion, there is already a divide in the company swinging either yay or nay.  (more…)

Microsoft PC partners approve of new CEO

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New CEOs are appointed for an array of different reasons and people always ask certain questions when it happens. When a company is struggling and the board hires a new CEO, people ask “Will he/she be able to right the ship.” When the company is doing well, people ask “Will he/she be able to maintain the momentum,” and when the company’s performance is somewhere in between, people ask “Will he/she maintain the good stuff and better the broken stuff.”

The last is probably an example of where Microsoft is at the moment. Their Windows OS is still going well, but the Xbox is being beaten by the PS4 and their mobile platform is not performing at all. That being said, people often forget to ask what business partners of the company in question feel about the new appointee. (more…)

Foursquare receives $15 million investment from Microsoft

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After announcing a new CEO, it was revealed that Microsoft has invested a pretty penny into location-based service, Foursquare.

Microsoft has invested $15 million into Foursquare, which will form part of a 4-year licensing deal. The deal states that Foursquare’s user data will now be incorporated into Microsoft’s we and mobile platforms.

Foursquare’s user data includes user location (obviously), personal recommendations and tips. What Microsoft plans to do with this data remains a mystery – although some people have their ideas on why.

The New York Times have their own speculations on what the Microsoft Foursquare partnership means. According to them, Microsoft will use Foursquare’s data to up the search on their Windows 8 and Bing platforms.  (more…)

Satya Nadella is Microsoft’s new CEO

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After months of rumours and speculation, Microsoft has put industry watchers out of their misery and announced that Satya Nadella will be the company’s new Chief Executive Officer.

Microsoft confirmed the news yesterday afternoon that Nadella, a longtime executive at the company, would now be the top boss.

Before assuming his role as the new CEO, Nadella was the Vice President of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise business. He’s not a newbie either; Nadella has been with the company for 22 years, a topic he also addressed in his first letter to employees as their new boss:

“It reminds me of my very first day at Microsoft, 22 years ago. Like you, I had a choice about where to come to work. I came here because I believed Microsoft was the best company in the world… I knew there was no better company to join if I wanted to make a difference. This is the very same inspiration that continues to drive me today” (more…)

Microsoft renames SkyDrive to OneDrive (video)

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Microsoft only had a finite amount of time to change the name of its cloud storing service, SkyDrive. It lost a trademark dispute with BskyB and had to decide on a new name for the service. They have dubbed it, OneDrive.

The newly rebadged OneDrive is functionally identical for existing SkyDrive users, who can go about business as usual. However, there are also promises that this is more than just a cosmetic change. (more…)

Microsoft to preview Windows 9 in April, release in 2015

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Even though Windows 8.1 was only released a couple of months ago, the team from Redmond aren’t taking a holiday anytime soon. It’s reportedly on the cusp of previewing its next major Windows version, Threshold. Once released, Threshold will probably be called Windows 9. (more…)

Don’t swear at your Xbox One

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Xbox One fans around the world have been treated with many new features, among which is Upload Studio. This platform allows gamers to share an exciting gameplay experience in the form of a clip of the action the cloud. Early owners of the One are finding out, though, that profanity used during this clip can land you in some trouble.

Microsoft has confirmed to The Verge that it is handing out temporary Xbox Live bans for select gamers found to be using “excessive” foul language in content created with Upload Studio. Most users aren’t being prevented from playing online games, but instead are barred from attaching Kinect camera recordings to their gameplay clips. In some cases, they’re temporarily blocked from using Upload Studio at all. (more…)