Microsoft announces Windows Phone 8.1

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Microsoft’s annual Build conference is underway and have wasted no time talking about some big announcements. The first major announcement is that of Windows Phone 8.1, of course.

With Windows Phone 8.1 will come a couple of new hardware partners, namely Micromax and Prestigio. They aren’t that well known to the most of us, but are already hard at work on some prototype devices that will launch soon.

There are some interesting new features of the mobile OS show off by Joe Belfoire, the first being the Action Centre. It behaves very much like notification centres we’ve seen on other operating systems and it was sorely needed in Microsoft’s offering. The lock screen is now also fully customisable for third-party alternatives. (more…)

Microsoft name new Xbox head Phil Spencer

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Xbox E3 2013 Media Briefing

The new leader for Microsoft’s Xbox team was announced yesterday by CEO Satya Nadella, longtime Microsoft Studios leader Phil Spencer.

One of the first things Spencer was asked was what would be the immediate focus of the Xbox team, as there is so much to oversee within the world of Microsoft gaming. “I’m gonna lead with a gaming focus and making sure that’s where we’re led. That’s the North Star for the organization,” he said. “Winning with the gamer first is gonna be something that drives the organization.” (more…)

Samsung Galaxy PRO ad does it again – trashing the competition

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Surprise, surprise. Samsung has released their latest ad for the Galaxy PRO range of tablets, and, in a (un)surprising move, turned to trashing their competitors, again.

This time around, however, Samsung brings some other companies to the party. In the past, it seemed to have just been their biggest rival, Apple, that got caught in Samsung’s line of advertising fire.

Surface, Microsoft’s tablet, as well as the popular Kindle also get mocked in this latest offering from Samsung. And, of course, the iPad. (more…)

MS Office for iPad to be unveiled this month

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Microsoft has some big plans for mobile and is on a path of convergence. The next big step is to bring their office suite to iPad, which is said to be happening soon. The new CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, is planning to host his first press event soon.

Microsoft has definitely made their intentions clear with their “mobile first, cloud first” strategy. According to reports, we can expect interesting news before their annual Build conference in April. (more…)

Meet Cortana – Microsoft’s answer to Siri

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It seems that Apple’s Siri has a distant cousin called Cortana – except she comes out of a different parent company.

Cortana is Microsofts answer to Siri, and while the similarities are rather striking, there are some features that prove that Siri and Cortana are not blood related, but rather distantly similar.

Meet Cortana; Microsoft’s digital assistant that is set to launch with the new Windows Phone 8.1. According to Microsoft, Cortana is a ‘personal assistant’ that will help users with tasks and reminders and even provide them with suggestions. Much like Siri, Cortana will basically be there to make your life easier and more organized. (more…)

Microsoft wants to bring Xbox Live to iOS and Android games

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Listen up, Xbox and Windows gamers. If Microsoft is successful in this endeavour, you may soon be able to connect with your Android or iOS-using friends via Xbox Live

Rumours are doing the rounds that Microsoft is planning to push Xbox Live to iOS and Android games ‘soon’. According to The Verge, the company is in the process of building a new platform that would allow iOS and Android games to make use of Xbox Live’s functionality.

Although Microsoft has experimented with integrating Xbox Live with iOS and Android, this is set to be a big step forward. ‘Wordament’ was the first iOS game to feature Xbox Live achievements back in 2012. (more…)

Top Microsoft execs to leave the company

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Well this is rather interesting. A month (to the day) after Satya Nadella was appointed as Microsoft Corporation’s new CEO, the company has announced that two of it’s to executives are waving goodbye to Microsoft.

Tony Bates and Tami Reller will n longer call the mega company their place of work, after Nadella himself made the announcement in an email to employees today.

Bates is the former CEO of Skype, which Microsoft acquired in 2011 as well as being the current executive Vice President ofBusiness Development.

As of today, Bates will be replaced by Eric Rudder, who, up to now, has been the interim Vice President of Advanced Strategy.

The other top exec that will leave the company is one of Microsoft’s most prominent female executives, Tami Reller. Reller, who is the executive Vice President of Marketing as well as being the co-head of Windows, has been with the company since 2001.  (more…)

Are Android apps coming to Windows?

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Rumours are running rife that Microsoft might be giving in and opening up Windows for Android apps – and many believe it’s about time.

According to The Verge, sources close to Microsoft’s inner circle have revealed that the company are heavily considering the big move of allowing Android apps to run on Windows mobile and desktop platforms.

While the sources claim that these Microsoft Android mash-up ideas are still only in it’s early stages of discussion, there is already a divide in the company swinging either yay or nay.  (more…)