Playstation & Xbox networks up and running after Christmas attack

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XboxOnePS4ControllersChristmas time is usually a time for family, sharing and all round joy and happiness. Sometimes though certain family time get a bit too much, and for those that can’t listen to their drunk uncle tell his “border-war” stories again find some sanctuary in their console gaming. Unfortunately these gamers were devastated to find both Xbox Live and the Playstation Network were offline and it only got up and running again over the weekend. (more…)

NORAD and Microsoft releases the Santa tracking app

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NORADThe festive season is upon us and you can’t go anywhere in public without running into a Christmas tree or one of Santa’s reindeer. Children across the country will be nagging their parents to make sure that Santa delivers this year. One way to make sure Santa is keeping to his schedule is NORAD’s Santa Tracker and it is up and running for 2014. the site will help you count down the days to Christmas and this year they are doing things a bit different. (more…)

Microsoft’s Lumia in Cape Town: A report back

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930 4

Microsoft (under the Nokia badge) took centre stage on Thursday the 20th of November to demo three new contenders in the firm’s Lumia range – the 730, 830, and 930 – at the lush Twelve Apostles hotel in Cape Town.

Running with the theme of all things photography, Microsoft introduced National Geographic photographer Jason Alvarez, who showcased his work following his exclusive use of the Lumia range for the past 18 months. (more…)

Nokia Lumia 930 Review: The Dark Horse

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Nokia-004In the shadow of the Apple vs. Android smartphone war lurks the dark horse of the market. The Nokia Lumia range has steadily gained market share over the past couple of years and today they produce some spectacular smartphones. We were given the opportunity to review the Nokia Lumia 930 and I really wanted to see why my dad and brother (who both own Nokia’s) rant and rave about the user interface and design. The other itch I wanted to scratch was just how good the Carl Zeiss lens performs with the 20MP snapper. The media seems preoccupied with what Apple and Google are doing on a daily basis, which suits Microsoft just fine as they can keep their new products and reveals under wraps to surprise the market when they unveil them. So does the dark horse deserve to run with the thoroughbreds? Read our Nokia Lumia 930 review and find out… (more…)

Opera Mobile Store replacing Nokia Store as default app store for Nokia phones

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Nokia users are in for quite a bit of an overhaul when it comes to their app store, as their parent company, Microsoft, has just signed an agreement with Opera  Software to replace the Nokia Store with the Opera Mobile Store as the default app store for their feature phones.

It will also be the default app store for Symbian and Nokia X smartphones.

The announcement follows a separate agreement, announced in August 2014, which will see Opera become the default browser on Nokia-branded phones, including Series 30+, Series 40, Asha and Nokia X handsets.

The changeover will be implemented in the first quarter of next year, with the company saying that they expect the migration to be completed in the first half of 2015. The current Nokia Store will then be closed once the transition is complete. (more…)

Microsoft and Makro partner up – Windows Nextbook Launches in SA

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We are all aware of countless technology manufacturers who we in SA have to wait many months for in order to get their latest and greatest gadgets. Microsoft are now looking to change that. Welcome “Nextbook,” the two brand new and affordable 8” and 10.1” tablets from Microsoft and Makro.


This is Microsoft’s first (non-Nokia) Lumia

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As we reported previously, Microsoft has completely dropped the Nokia brand from its smartphone division. The devices will not simply be known as Microsoft Lumia devices. (more…)

Office 365 subscribers get free unlimited OneDrive storage

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In an interesting move, Microsoft will now be giving subscribers of Office 365 unlimited OneDrive storage space at no additional cost. The rollout will happen across the globe over the next couple of months. (more…)