Is the return of Flappy Bird imminent?

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The prodigal son of mobile apps is possibly going to make his shocking return. Fans of the highly addictive and highly frustrating Flappy Bird game will be happy to know that the app’s controversial developer might let the popular game see the light once more.

After a very publicized freak out, Flappy Bird’s creator, Dong Nguyen, sat down for an in-depth interview with Rolling Stone magazine to talk about the rise and fall of his (now infamous) app.

The magazine met with Nguyen in his native of Vietnam, where he is currently residing with a friend of his. He says the media attention surrounding him and the game got too much for him and that both international and local Vietnamese paparazzi would bombard his parents home, where he had been living.

Obviously, it is understandable that international, and especially US media, are obsessed with the Flappy Bird saga. However, Vietnam is not really a custom to internet millionaires – so having someone like Nguyen in close proximity is a BIG story.  (more…)

The Flappy Bird Saga

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If you’re into mobile gaming or tech at all, you’ve probably heard of Flappy Bird – the mobile game that has recently taken the world by storm. However, just as quickly as the app rose to fame, it came crashing down last night as it’s developer pulled it from the App Store and Google Play.

Flappy Bird first made waves around the app industry in January of this year. Although Flappy Bird has been available on the App Store since May 2013, the game only rose to prominence early in 2014. It was also only released for Android in January.

The game itself is actually so simple, its hard to believe it is so popular. Drawing inspiration from 90’s 8-bit gaming, Flappy Bird seems to be easy, except it’s not; it’s really hard.

The object of the game is to navigate the Flappy Bird through poles that look like the green pipes in the original Super Mario game. However, controlling the bird is almost impossible.

Because of the combination of perceived simplicity and level of difficulty, the game is extremely addictive. This, of course, contributed to the rise of Flappy Bird, making it the number one free app on both the App Store and Google Play. (more…)

MXit branches out to India

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MXit, one of South Africa’s largest and most successful social networks, has spread it’s wings and branched out to India.

Founded in 2007, Mxit has become a prominent messaging system within South Africa. While Mxit is available in a handful of other countries, it’s new presence in India looks set to be as successful as it is on home soil.

There are over 900 million cellphones in India, more than half of which are feature phones. This is of course a key target for Mxit, as the network is mostly aimed at feature phones that don’t have the full capability to handle other popular messaging systems designed for smartphones, i.e WhatsApp.  (more…)

Jimmy Wales joins The Peoples Operator

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JimmyW_Landing Page_2 (1)

Its hard to imagine that a mobile operator isn’t out to get your money, someway, somehow – because lets be honest, most people with a mobile phone has complained about their operator service at some point or another.

Keeping this in mind, it is hard to fathom that any mobile operator would want to give back to the people; or in the case of The Peoples Operator, to a good cause.

However, this is exactly what this UK-based operator claims to do.

The Peoples Operator (or TPO), is a mobile provider based in London that pays 10% of your mobile spend to a cause or charity of your choice. Sounds too good to be true? Apparently, it isn’t – and the company is starting to make waves all around the world.  (more…)

Infographic: The Rise of Mobile 3.0

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MEF’s Global Mobile Consumer Survey was launched in December, and they have gone through the effort to re-mine the data to create this infographic that looks specifically at the emergence of “Mobile 3.0″ – a new emergence that is charactarized by “Super” apps displacing traditional pay once models with subscription models like Netflix, as well as in-app purchases.

In addition to the growth of the super-app, there has been a shift down in terms of volume of goods purchased and a shift up in their value with mobile users migrating their spending on big ticket items from online and the high street to mobile. [MEF’s 2013 Global Consumer Survey shows that the high spend threshold grew to 39 per cent in 2013 (up eight per cent from 2012) on items over $151].

To see the full infographic, see below: (more…)

Twitter co-founder announces new startup, Jelly

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Biz Stone

Co-founder of Twitter and all-round social networking guy, Biz Stone, has just revealed his new startup company, Jelly.

Jelly is not a dessert company or a children’s game as the name would suggest, but rather something quite innovative that seemed to confuse journalists and bloggers the world round.

In actual fact, Jelly is a mobile app that enables it’s users to to ask any kind of short question on their social network through pictures.

Its premise is very simple and to the point; users can take a picture of literally anything, upload it to their network and ask people questions about it. For instance, should you come across a new brand of your favourite cookies, you can snap it, post it and ask people what it tastes like or what allergens are present.

It is also useful to ask opinions. Opinions on where to travel, where to have lunch, what style dress to wear and really anything you can think of.

Revealed only yesterday, Jelly has managed to garner a lot of media attention (mostly because of Stone’s famous name). However, the majority of responses were, initially, quite negative. Stone and his newborn company received a lot of criticism in the space of 24 hours.

Questions like “why is it only limited to short questions” or “what is the actual purpose if there is Google” seemed to dominate the steady flow of comments.

However, it wasn’t until Stone explained the actual intention behind Jelly that the media started to shut up and listen. Because its so much more than another cool app.  (more…)

GTA: San Andreas to launch on mobile in December

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Good news for gamers! Rockstar Games has just announced that their ever-popular Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game will now be available on mobile devices.

The popular game, which has sold more than 27.5 million copies worldwide, has been specifically remastered for it’s mobile release with full touch controls and improved graphics.

The game features touch controls which include contextual control options that only display the required buttons on the screen when and if the player needs them. Certainly a function that will make mobile gaming much easier. (more…)

Introducing Phonebloks: The DIY, modular smartphone concept

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Nowadays, mobile phones only last a few years at most. Once something breaks within them, it is almost always too costly to replace or the phone is “too old anyway”. This way, phones that are older than, say 4 or 5 years, will eventually become obsolete. especially in the case of ever evolving smartphones that just keep on getting, well, smarter.

Smartphones get replaced or thrown away, often only because on part is giving problems and you can’t repair it or upgrade it.

What if there was a phone that could last longer than any other, because it is easy to simply replace or upgrade the broken part? Well, this is the idea with Phonebloks – an incredibly forward-thinking innovation that could change the future of mobile phones.

Phonebloks’ concept is pretty straight forward. The phone itself is made up of detachable ‘bloks’ (hence, the very obvious name). These ‘bloks’ are connected to a base that locks everything together and which then makes a solid phone.

The whole concept is being billed as a ‘Modular Smartphone Concept’. (more…)