These could quite possibly be the strangest smartphones ever

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We all know that there is intense competition in the smartphone market. Phones are getting bigger and faster and, well, smarter. And while this is all good and well, LG just took things to a whole new level; a whole new level of strange.

The company has introduced 4 new smartphones that each has their own, distinct personality. We’re not kidding – personalities.

The LG AKA range f phones include 4 different smartphones each with a personal name and an accompanying character or persona if you will.

Introducing Eggy, Wooky, YoYo and Soul. And just like any well-thought out fictional character, these four have their own backstories which forms part of their distinct personas.  (more…)

Checky – an app that tells you how many times you check your phone

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Checky App

In our connected world, we are pretty much joined at the hip with our smartphones. If we’re not using it browse the web or send emails and messages, we’re constantly checking for social media notifications or updates.

Thus, it has become quite the habit of many of us to check our phones regularly – if not too regularly.

This is what Checky wants to make you aware of. The new app is designed to make you aware of exactly how often you check your phone everyday. And in turn, try to encourage you to cut down on the phone checking.

The app works very simply. It just tells you how many times you have checked your phone each day while also mapping out where and for what you’ve used your phone the most. It’s clear that the company behind the app,, is trying to encourage you to put the phone down by giving you a visual representation of your annoying habit.  (more…)

China now has special sidewalk lanes for those using cellphones

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Cellphone lanes China

The City of Chongqing in China seems to fed up with people walking while texting on their cellphones. Obviously, this can become quite the hazard when people are so engrossed in their conversations, that they don’t look where they are walking.

So, the city has enforced new ‘rules’ that look to try and curb this annoying millennial problem.

On a 30 meter stretch of sidewalk, the city has made two lanes; one for those using cellphones and the other for those who don’t. Painted on the sidewalk, in both Chinese and English, the sign reads: “Cellphones, walk in this lane at your own risk” and the other reading: “No cellphones.”

Sure, it may seem a little strange and over the top, but as anyone who has ever been stuck behind a person staring at their cellphone screen, or has had a complete strange walk into them as a result of texting and not looking, can testify, this might not  be such a bad idea at all.  (more…)

Mom develops app so son can’t ignore her text messages

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Ignore No More

Teenagers; they are constantly in their own world and are only interested in texting their friends – definitely not their parents.

And for one Texas mom this was not going to fly. She got so fed up with her teenage son not replying to her text messages or phone calls, that she decided to fight fire with fire – by developing an app that would force him to reply.

Ignore No More is an app that allows parents to block their kids’ phones remotely, even when they are not in the house.

The app essentially disables the child’s phone – that is until he or she decides to reply to mom or dad. It blocks them from texting or calling anyone else (or even use the internet) except contacts listed on an emergency number list or emergency responders like the police or paramedics.

To unblock their phone, they will be forced to call their parents to receive a passcode to disable the block.  (more…)

Yo, the world’s simplest app, receives further funding

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A few weeks ago, we reported on what we thought could possibly be the world’s simplest app. Yo, the single-function app basically does exactly what it’s name suggests; it let’s you say ‘yo’ to your friends.

And while the app was considered rather strange by many critics and tech journalists, Yo has just gone and given the finger to all it’s naysayers after it received a second round of funding – to the tune of $1.5 million.

Betaworks, a seed-stage VP firm that is based in New York City is one of the investors along with Mashable founder and CEO, Pete Cashmore.

But just what is it about Yo that makes people want to invest large amounts of money into it? (more…)

Could this be the simplest app in the world?

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We know there are thousands upon thousands of apps out there, and a good few of them are really very simple. However, this app could quite possibly be one of the simplest apps we’ve ever come across.

It even has a simple name; Yo. And much like it’s name suggests, all it allows you to do, is say ‘yo’ to your friends via push notifications.

You don’t have to sign in with an email address or via Facebook, either. You simply choose a username, invite your contacts to Yo and then, by the tap of a button, you can ‘Yo’ them.

However, should you want to step it up a notch, you can double tap the button to send your friends a ‘Yo Yo’ instead of just, well, a ‘Yo’.

An app like this surely has some kind of backstory? For sure.  (more…)

Tesco planning to launch their own smartphone

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More and more companies – other Apple, Samsung and friends – are developing their own smartphones. Just last week, Amazon announced their plans for their own smartphone and now it seems that Tesco – the UK’s largest supermarket chain – is releasing their very own smartphone.

CEO of Tesco, Philip Clarke, announced the news during an interview with BBC’s Radio 5. The so-called ‘Tesco Phone’ will run Android and, according to the BBC, the device will be comparable to Samsung’s Galaxy S5 – which might not be a good thing considering Samsung’s love for a patent battle…

Clarke said that the phone will also be pre-loaded with exclusive Tesco services. These include Tesco shopping services as well as Blinkbox; the company’s video streaming service. Some other services include film, music and e-books store.  (more…)

Is the return of Flappy Bird imminent?

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The prodigal son of mobile apps is possibly going to make his shocking return. Fans of the highly addictive and highly frustrating Flappy Bird game will be happy to know that the app’s controversial developer might let the popular game see the light once more.

After a very publicized freak out, Flappy Bird’s creator, Dong Nguyen, sat down for an in-depth interview with Rolling Stone magazine to talk about the rise and fall of his (now infamous) app.

The magazine met with Nguyen in his native of Vietnam, where he is currently residing with a friend of his. He says the media attention surrounding him and the game got too much for him and that both international and local Vietnamese paparazzi would bombard his parents home, where he had been living.

Obviously, it is understandable that international, and especially US media, are obsessed with the Flappy Bird saga. However, Vietnam is not really a custom to internet millionaires – so having someone like Nguyen in close proximity is a BIG story.  (more…)