Samsung launches Milk Music

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 Milk Music

Samsung has finally decided to jump on the bandwagon (literally) that is music streaming. The company announced on Friday that they have launched their very own music streaming mobile app.

Milk Music is Samsung’s latest development that allows Samsung Galaxy owners to stream different Internet radio  music channels from their smartphone.

Although the project was solely developed by Samsung, the app is not available to all Samsung phone users.

Milk Music is only available for the Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, and S4 Mini, as well as the Galaxy Note 3, Note 2 and the Galaxy Mega. The app will also be made available to Galaxy S5 users when it launches in April. (more…)

Rdio Streaming Music Service launches in SA

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For the past few months South Africa has finally gotten some decent streaming radio services – and today Rdio launched as well. Including South Africa in its list of countries means that Rdio now has more international reach than Spotify (which is still not in SA). Rdio is very similiar to Spotify – in that the focus is on music discovery, something we feel is not quite catered for on other streaming radio services in SA.

Rdio’s focus is on you following your friends, and seeing the music trends they go through. I managed to find some good new music within the first hour of using Rdio, all because I went to go look at what music my friends are listening to. Then again – you might have some friend’s with not that great music taste…  (more…)

Danny K launches app alongside new album

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South African singer, Danny K, has just launched his latest album called ‘Good Look’ and with it, an exciting app that was developed with the help of Wonderland collective and Samsung.

On 21 November, Danny K held an exclusive listening session of ‘Good Look’ at Taboo nightclub in Sandton. Not only was his new music put on display, but the app was also unveiled.

Director of  Mobile Communications Samsung Electronics South Africa, Craige Fleischer first took to the stage to embrace the partnership between Samsung, Danny K and music.

Business Development Director of Wonderland Works, Graeme Lipschitz, also had the chance to showcase their latest work by introducing the app to the guests, by taking them through the unique design, layout and features. (more…)

Startup tech company, ROLI, releases high-tech piano keyboard

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Seaboard Grand

If your a avid music lover or a musician yourself, then this is something that will quite possibly amaze you.

The line between digital and acoustic has been crossed many times when it comes to music and musical instruments. But now, a London-based start-up, has developed a mind blowing instrument that might change the way musicians play and record.

Roli, a design-led technology start-up, has been operating since 2009 and specialize in hardware and software products that help bridge the interaction between people and technology.

Roli has announced the release of their Seaboard Grand. A type of new-age keyboard that has evolved from the traditional, piano keyboard.  (more…)

Spotify needs more funds

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SpotifyAs music streaming all around the world picks up at a staggering rate, music streaming web services are expanding just as quickly. And with any growth, more funds are needed.

This is the case for popular music streaming site, Spotify. The Stockholm based company is currently on the look out for different ways of raising more capital.

We reported in early August already, that Spotify had expressed a need to raise more funds to help with the growth of their company.

“We cannot exclude the need or desire to raise more funds in the future to fund future growth.”

And it looks like that time is now.

Spotify is currently valued at an estimated $5.2 billion. The company had also doubled it’s revenue in 2012, to a whopping $577 million.

It is not yet clear exactly how much money Spotify is wanting to raise. The company won’t, however, be issuing any new shares and is thought to be considering issuing debt.

It remains to be seen as to when and how Spotify will raise the extra funds – but it can definitely be said that they are moving at an incredible pace.

Now, if only they will bring their business to South Africa…

Source: BusinessTech

Spotify is moving forward quickly – doubles revenue in 2012

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spotifyPopular music streaming web-service, Spotify, is doing rather well these days. The company has more than doubled its revenue in 2012.

Spotify’s latest revenue, as shown on Wednesday, amounts to a monstrous 435 million Euros. That is $577 million or R5 699 317 500.

Spotify provides ad-free, popular and on-demand music for free for paying customers. Founded in 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon of Sweden, this music streaming service has revolutionised music streaming on the internet.

The Stockholm based company strikes royalty deals with record labels and then pays back about 70% of it’s revenue to the rights holders.

The company posted a 58.7 million Euro net loss, as compared with the 45.4 million loss in 2011 on a turnover of 190 million.

Spotify is an unlisted company and has more than 20 million active users. They have more than 5 million paying customers world wide. A definite sign that they are doing something right.

They also receive financial backing from companies such as Northzone, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Accel Partners and DST. There are also many fund raising activities held to support the growth of this innovative company.


Nokia Music+ launches in SA

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Nokia’s new subscription-based upgrade to its popular free-to-stream mobile music service, Nokia Music+, is now available in South Africa for R25 a month. For the R25 real music fans get a number of enhancements. This further cements Nokia’s great service offering on their Windows Phone based devices.

For even greater music enjoyment, Nokia Music+ provides increased control over the listening experience – at a cost noticeably lower than many third party services – and adds the following additional features to the existing free Nokia Music offering: (more…)

Nokia launches low cost Music+ service

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Nokia today announced Nokia Music+, a new subscription-based upgrade to its free-to-stream mobile music service, offering a range of additional features for a low monthly fee. It will be rolling out as an optional update to the existing service in Q1 2013. The existing Nokia Music service will continue to be available free of charge, with no advertisements, registration or subscription to Nokia Lumia owners.

Nokia Music users create their own mixes or stream from playlists curated by an expert team of musicologists and international artists. Mixes can also be saved for offline playback.

For €4 per month, Nokia Music+ adds additional features: (more…)