Updated iOS Nokia HERE navigation app available on iTunes

Published by on Mar 13th, 2015, 2 Comments

Nokia HereApple released Apple Maps back in 2012 and to be honest, as an Apple user I have never used it. All my navigation is done through Google Maps and the reason is obvious. Apple Maps had a disastrous debut and hasn’t really recovered since then.

I know there has been a lot of advances made with Apple Maps but still most iOS users prefer to use a different navigation application. Apart from Google Maps there are other options, and the best is Nokia’s HERE Maps. The updated HERE application is now available for iOS on iTunes. (more…)

Microsoft’s Lumia in Cape Town: A report back

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Microsoft (under the Nokia badge) took centre stage on Thursday the 20th of November to demo three new contenders in the firm’s Lumia range – the 730, 830, and 930 – at the lush Twelve Apostles hotel in Cape Town.

Running with the theme of all things photography, Microsoft introduced National Geographic photographer Jason Alvarez, who showcased his work following his exclusive use of the Lumia range for the past 18 months. (more…)

Opera Mobile Store replacing Nokia Store as default app store for Nokia phones

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Nokia users are in for quite a bit of an overhaul when it comes to their app store, as their parent company, Microsoft, has just signed an agreement with Opera  Software to replace the Nokia Store with the Opera Mobile Store as the default app store for their feature phones.

It will also be the default app store for Symbian and Nokia X smartphones.

The announcement follows a separate agreement, announced in August 2014, which will see Opera become the default browser on Nokia-branded phones, including Series 30+, Series 40, Asha and Nokia X handsets.

The changeover will be implemented in the first quarter of next year, with the company saying that they expect the migration to be completed in the first half of 2015. The current Nokia Store will then be closed once the transition is complete. (more…)

Nokia N1 announced, the company’s first Android tablet (video)

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Not long ago, we speculated about Nokia making a move to come back into the smartphone market with Android. As it turns out, though, the company’s first device since selling its Lumia devices division to Microsoft will not be a smartphone, but a tablet. And yes, it is an Android tablet.

The company has announced the Nokia N1, a 7.9-inch tablet running Android 5.0 Lollipop. While tablet designs are pretty generic these days, we can’t help notice that this device looks awfully like the iPad Mini. Along with the latest Android build, the device will launch with Nokia’s own Z Launcher, which it has released for Android smartphones as well. (more…)

Nokia’s last hope is… Android?

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As Obi-Wan Kenobi was to Princess Leia, Android could be Nokia’s only hope in remaining alive in the smartphone market. Having sold off its devices division to Microsoft, the Lumia name has now gone to the technology giant from Redmond. Subsequently, Microsoft has completely dropped the Nokia name from its upcoming Lumia devices.

As it happens, this may not turn out to be the end of Nokia as a smartphone manufacturer. While Lumia devices will now exclusively run Windows Phone, recent rumours point hint at Nokia preparing a high-end Android-powered smartphone. (more…)

“Apple killed our two biggest industries” – PM of Finland

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My first reaction when reading about the Finnish Prime Minister saying that Apple has killed off the Scandinavian county’s two biggest industries was “What is the second?” Of course, Apple had a big role to play in the downfall of Nokia (although it wasn’t the only contributing factor), but in my ignorance I couldn’t think of another industry Apple could affect so adversely. (more…)

Nokia and Windows Phone brands to disappear?

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Although the device didn’t come to our shores, HTC actually released a Windows Phone version of its great HTC One M8 smartphone. Interestingly, it didn’t have the Windows Phone moniker the previous HTC devices had. The device is called the HTC One M8 for Windows. At the time we thought it was simply an anomaly, but now news comes that it might have been the beginning of the end of the name “Windows Phone.” (more…)

Microsoft teases new camera-focused Windows Phones

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If you are waiting for some new Windows Phone devices with great cameras, you may not need to wait much longer. Microsoft has just sent out a save-the-date notice that asks the media if it’s ready for “more face time” at a Berlin event on September 4th, just ahead of the IFA technology show.

The ‘o’ in the word ‘more’ is reminiscent of the camera we saw on the Nokia Lumia 1020, so we won’t be surprised to see the successor, probably called the Lumia 1030, next month. (more…)