Nokia announces Lumia 630, Lumia 635 and Lumia 930

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With Microsoft’s Build conference people were eagerly awaiting the end of the keynote to see what Nokia has in store, but they made a surprise announcement in the middle of the Microsoft keynote with Stephen Elop coming onto stage. He announced the Nokia Lumia 630, Lumia 635 and Lumia 930.

The Nokia Lumia 930 is of course the successor to the very impressive Lumia 920 flagship. It sports a 20MP camera with optical stabilization, 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 chipset and wireless charging capabilities. It also features a 5-inch display with full HD 1080p resolution. (more…)

Nokia X already hacked to run Google apps and Play Store

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Nokia announced their Android phone, called the Nokia X, at Mobile World Congress 2014 last week. It won’t look like any Android device when you turn it on and look at the OS, however. Nokia has completely changed the look and feel of Android – it is a ‘forked’ version. This means that you won’t get the Google apps and Play Store like on any other Android device, but will need to use Nokia’s services. (more…)

Nokia finally launches 3 Android Phones

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Nokia Android

Who would have thought? Nokia has now officially launched three Android phones – called the X, X+ and the XL.

All three run on a custom version of Android which uses a Windows Phone looking tiles interface. The phone will benefit from the huge Android apps ecosystem, while staying true to the look and feel of the latest Nokia phones. Nokia and Microsoft is supplying apps with the phone, and Microsoft’s own online services (Bing, Live, OneDrive etc) are bundled with the phone, not Google’s like most other Android phones. (more…)

Nokia’s Android phone to be called Nokia X

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Nokia’s long rumoured Android device has had the codename ‘Normandy’ for a couple of years now, but that will not be its name when released. That’s according to a leak from @evleaks, which states it will actually be called the Nokia X.

We are pretty sure at this stage that this device is real and will be launched soon, running a “forked” version of Google’s operating system (you can find out what that means here). (more…)

Nokia’s Android Interface: A Closer Look

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Last week, we got hold of some leaked images of Nokia’s supposed Android interface. It seems that mister @evleaks has gotten his hands on some further images, giving us a closer look at the UI on Nokia’s Android handset, called Normandy.

To be completely honest, it does look a lot like Windows Phone. This begs the question why they would build an ecosystem that is a forked version of Android, but looks the same as their native OS. What does forking mean, you ask? Well, let’s take a moment to explain. (more…)

Nokia Lumia “Black” Software Update Rolling Out in SA

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The Lumia Black software update is starting to rollout for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 owners in South Africa. The update brings new features, improvements in imaging, new apps and app updates from Microsoft and Nokia to make the Lumia smartphone experience even better.

So far we have not gotten the update on our Lumia 1020 review unit – which is getting some pretty great updates for the camera itself.

Luckily, there are updates to almost all reasonably current Lumia phones. The main features brought along with the update from Nokia include: (more…)

Nokia’s Android interface leaked

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For years there have been rumours that Nokia are developing an Android phone. More recently we have received more concrete evidence that this phone will actually come to fruition. Now we find the first leaks of how the interface Nokia intends to release looks. It once again comes from the old faithful – @evleaks. It has been known as Project Normandy within Nokia among employees.

The picture shows three examples of how the smartphone maker has tweaked the UI. A Skype app can be seen running on one device, and the phone dialer from Viber and a lock screen with a notification centre are shown on the other devices. (more…)

Nokia announces Mobile Maths for Grades 10-12

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Momaths questionNokia and the Department of Science and Technology have announced the general availability of Nokia Mobile Mathematics, a mobile phone service that helps learners from grades 10 – 12 better understand Mathematics.

Any person with a data enabled mobile phone can now access more than 10 000 exercises of varying difficulties and collaborate with others, compare achievements and get guidance on how to progress. The service also gives teachers the ability to better understand learner’s competence and areas of improvement.

“We launched the Nokia Mobile Mathematics pilot in 2009 after a request by the then Deputy President of South Africa on how we could better use mobile technology to speed up learning,” said Gerard Brandjes, Vice President, Nokia South and East Africa. “With more than five years of listening, learning and adapting the service, we are now ready to make it available broadly.”

The new service is fully browser-based and works on any phone, tablet or PC without needing to download an app. After a quick sign-up process, students can practice problems in a number of categories like finance, trigonometry, calculus and statistics. While working on questions, learners can read background theory, see examples of solved problems and engage with others. Points are awarded for successfully completed exercises and, if a learner chooses to, they can share their points and compete with other students. (more…)