Feature Phone Review: Alcatel One Touch 2000

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The Alcatel One Touch 2000 is an entry level phone in any way you look at is. It is priced at a measly R459 and is meant for people who want a device that does the basics, and does it well. It is also targeting elderly people or people who are somewhat visually disabled or is hard of hearing with its great big buttons and voice-on-touch. Let’s see how it shapes up.

Compared to other feature phone targeting the same demographic, it is truly a great deal when you look at the price, as is compares favourably with similar competitors.

There is also an SOS button on the back, which can be customised to call and/or text a variety of contacts.  It also comes with a handy charging dock so no one needs to struggle with tiny ports or cables. (more…)

Review: HTC One Mini

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In past reviews we made several references to the HTC One as probably the best Android phone on the market. With a decent aluminium build, stonking performance and gorgeous screen, it is decidedly more upmarket feeling device than its competitors.

But the current trend to keep on supersizing phones is not for everyone. Case in point – the iPhone continues to sell well, despite just about every other competitor releasing ever bigger screens. HTC is smart enough to note this, and have released a smaller version of its terrific HTC One.

The One Mini is somewhat smaller than the One, but also trades its high end components for some more affordable alternatives. But has this more mid range components taken away the shine of the One range? Lets see. (more…)

Review: Apple iPhone 5S – should you upgrade?

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Apple’s iPhone formula has been going for quite some time now – the first one arrived in 2007, and the 3G model landed in SA in 2008. Apple has clearly had an evolutionary design theme with the iPhone, and the latest 5S model continues the tick / tock update methodology. It might look almost identical the iPhone 5, but on the inside it is a major step forward.

I ordered the 5S on Friday, and Monday morning Vodacom’s courier partner arrived with Apple’s latest phone. Out of the box I got a carrier update for a Vodacom SIM card, so clearly Vodacom has made sure the new 5S slots in well on its network.



Yes, it looks the same as the 5 – (more…)

Sony SmartWatch 2 Review: Enough to become mainstream?

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After the splash that smartphones and then tablets made, the next frontier for tech firms are set to be ‘wearables.’ A year ago not many people would have heard a lot about smartwatches, except perhaps for the Pebble. Moving a year on, the picture looks markedly different.

Sony is one prominent player in the smartwatch market, and despite the name it is actually Sony’s third attempt. The Sony SmartWatch 2 is certainly a promising device, seeing that it comes from one of the giants in the industry with many years’ experience and also having a couple of devices under the belt as to refine the smartwatch further. So, can Sony show the newcomers how it is done? (more…)

BWB TV: Samsung Galaxy S4 Review – Long-term (video)

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been among us for almost four months now, and all the reviews have been written and posted. But that’s not where the buck stops. You generally use a smartphone for about two years, and we thought we would explore this long-term relationship you have with your beloved device.

We have used the Galaxy S4 for several months now, so here are our thoughts on how it is to use for an extended period of time. You should check out or original full written review here, which we posted after release. Check out the video after the break: (more…)

Review: LG Optimus L5II vs. Samsung Galaxy Music

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It seems as if the smartphone market is obsessed with the latest and greatest. With companies like HTC, Sony, Nokia and LG stepping up to the plate, the two-horse race between Apple and Samsung has become a thing of the past. This of course only benefits us as the customers, as the market now has a whole variety of flagship devices to choose from. And in saying “the market”, I refer to everyone aching after or owning the top of the line devices from the previously mentioned companies. We do however sometimes forget that we’re not the only mobile market. There are hundreds of other mobile models that are designed and priced to cater for entry-level and mid-market customers. And to be fair, not everyone cares about having a R10k smartphone that can outperform most laptops and take HD photos of Saturn’s rings (and put your face next to it as well!).

That said, we wanted to take a look at the smartphones available in the “budget” section of the market. What is available in the R1000 – R2000 bracket in South Africa? Bandwidth Blog has been given the opportunity to review LG’s Optimus L5II and Samsung’s Galaxy Music. (more…)

Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

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It seems like we’re saying this too much lately, but we have another member of the Galaxy family. We actually have another member of the Galaxy Note family. Unfortunately, it’s not necessarily the one most people are waiting for. No, it’s not the Galaxy Note 3, but the Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet – the smaller derivative of the Galaxy Note 10.1 we tested at the end of last year.

When it was announced at MWC back in February it took a lot of flack because of the fact that it can make phone calls. To be honest, we agree in this regard. No one would be caught dead with this behemoth on their ear. But in fact, it won’t be predominantly used as a smartphone, but as a stylus enabled tablet easier to handle than its larger sibling.

Here are some of the key features: (more…)

Hands On Review: Samsung Galaxy S4

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Samsung has taken the smartphone market by storm – it is incredibly popular, and Android to the common man has become synonymous with the “Galaxy” brand. But the Android market has some truly great competitors right now. The HTC One is almost perfect, and the Sony Xperia Z sports a cool waterproof design. But thanks to Samsung’s huge marketing effort, the most popular Android phone out is the Galaxy S series, and most other Android phone are ignored. In a quick few iterations it has become the phone on everyone’s minds, and thanks to massive marketing, the phone that the average South African aspires to.

But is the new Galaxy S4 up to that high praise?


The S4 looks a hell of a lot like the S3 – and its good to see that Samsung has nailed down their own design language. Much like the way you can recognize a iPhone, the S4 is unmistakably a Samsung Galaxy phone. In fact, if you don’t have some time to look at it with a close eye, it easy to mistake for the S3. And I think that is a good thing.

The S4 is a good looking phone in person, and it is dominated by a massive 5 inch display. This screen is larger than the S3, which means that the phone has now officially crossed over into the uncomfortable territory. Sure, thanks to curved edges it feels great in hand, but you need some monstrous paws to use this phone with one hand.