Report: Apple plans reversible USB cable for iPhone 6

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Reversible USB port

We all know that USB plugs can be annoying. There is only one ‘right side up’ and more often than not, we get frustrated by first having to figure our which side up is the right side, before you can plug your device into a USB port.

Apple is reportedly looking to eradicate this frustration, by making their Lightning cable for the iPhone 6 reversible.

This means that the cable will be able to plug into any USB port form any orientation – thus eliminating the struggle of having to figure out which side is ‘up’.  (more…)

More leaked photos of iPhone 6 shows alleged phone in its packaging

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iPhone 6?

With the iPhone 6 allegedly being released on September 9 at Apple’s reported “big media event”, speculation and rumours have definitely gone up a gear as the anticipation just becomes too much for some to bear.

And while rumours are just that – hearsay – it’s the hard evidence (read: photos) that really grabs our attention. This is why we thought this latest bout of ‘leaked’ iPhone 6 images are something to write home about. It also features the alleged phone in a way we haven’t seen before; in it’s retail packaging.

Posted by Tech Radar yesterday, the images show the alleged iPhone 6 in it’s Apple retail box. The box, which looks exactly like iPhone boxes from years past, distinctly says ‘iPhone 6’ on the side.

According to Tech Radar, their source attributes the photos to an Apple beta tester, but has given no more information than that. (more…)

You can now pre-order a 24-karat gold iPhone 6

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Brikk iPhone 6

No date has even been set for the iPhone 6 launch and Apple hasn’t said a word, but, you can now pre-order a solid gold iPhone 6 – if you have the cash to burn.

Los Angeles-based luxury retailer, Brikk, has announced on their website that they are now taking pre-orders for either gold or platinum plated iPhone 6 models.

Those who seek more than functionality when it comes to their smartphone, can order a 24-karat yellow or pink gold iPhone 6 or, if you don’t want to be as flashy but still ensure top luxury, you can also order a pure platinum iPhone.

Then there is the ultimate in luxury plated iPhones – and one we’re sure Paris Hilton will like to get her hands on – the diamond encrusted, 24-karat gold iPhone 6.

Along with the solid gold plating, you can also request Brikk to have the Apple logo of your iPhone encrusted in 1.068 carats worth of sparkly diamonds. This gold plated, diamond encrusted iPhone 6 will set you back a mere $8,400 (or R89,139,12 – but who’s counting?) (more…)

Is there a Facebook, Uber partnership looming?

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If recent reports are to be believed then we might see a new, powerful partnership between Facebook and Uber in the near future.

According to a report by Re/code, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg,  reportedly had a meeting with Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick about a possible partnership between the two mega companies that would reap a lot of benefits for both.

Apparently, the two discussed the possibility of integration the Uber service into Facebook’s Messenger app. This would then essentially mean that you would be able to order an Uber while you are talking to your friends on Messenger.

We already know that Facebook is very interested in turning their messenger app into something more than just (another) messaging/communication tool. And it seems that they are looking into e-commerce to expand the horizons of Messenger. (more…)

Apple planning record production of the iPhone 6

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iPhone 6 production

Another day, another iPhone 6 rumour. As we draw closer and closer to the (expected) announcement date of the iPhone 6 in September, the rumours are churning out hard and fast.

This time, however, the rumour comes from a respected source in the form of the Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple is planning a massive production of their next generation iPhone, the iPhone 6. And as everyone keeping an eye on iPhone developments should know, the iPhone 6 will allegedly be available in two sizes – a 4.7-inch model and a larger, 5.5-inch.

According to the report, Apple has asked their suppliers to produce between 70 – 80 million units by the end of the year on December 30th.  (more…)

Another Samsung Galaxy S5 – the Neo

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been available for months now, but since then another few variants of the device hit the market. A few more is still to come, though.

Not only did we get the Galaxy S5 Active, Galaxy S5 Mini and the Galaxy S5 Prime (or LTE-A in other markets), according to reports we may also soon find ourselves checking out the Galaxy S5 Neo. (more…)

Rumour: iWatch to start production soon

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There have been countless rumours about Apple’s mysterious iWatch over the past few months, but if this latest one is to be believed, we might be able to see an actual iWatch very soon.

According to a new report (rumour if you will) by Reuters, Apple plans to start production on the iWatch as early as July.

Reuters reports that Taiwan based company, Quanta Computer Inc. will start mass producing the elusive smart watch in July.

As to the look of the iWatch, Reuters reports that the watch will feature a 2.5 inch display, will be ‘slight;y’ rectangular with the face of the watch slightly protruding from the actual band.

The report also states that LG will be the exclusive supplier of the screen for the watch. (more…)

Is Twitter looking to buy SoundCloud?

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Rumours in the tech sector are popping up faster than startups in Silicon Valley. However, if this latest rumour turns out to be true, it could dramatically affect the future of Twitter.

According to tech website, Re/code, social networking giant, Twitter, might be looking in to buying popular music streaming service SoundCloud.

Re/code claim their sources are ‘people familiar with both companies’ and that the initial phase of setting up a deal is underway.

SoundCloud, which is based in Berlin, is one of the world’s most popular music streaming services. The site allows users to upload and share audio files; whether it’s famous singers, DJ’s or bands or underground indie artists – SoundCloud provides a platform for them to distribute their music.  (more…)