Apple patents a multitouch “Fusion Keyboard”

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While Apple might have attracted a certain amount of flack over a number of decisions in producing its new MacBook model – chiefly, the choice to use a mobile processor – the firm did introduce something noteworthy: a new butterfly mechanism keyboard that sees the height of the keys reduced by half.

Now, Apple has filed a new keyboard patent that could see the death the modern trackpad altogether: a multitouch keyboard named “Fusion keyboard” that could function as a physical keyboard capable of deploying touch gestures.


Rumour: BlackBerry up for acquisition

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The BlackBerry rumour mill is once again turning, with new rumours citing that the Canadian company is up for acquisition. Speculation posits that many tech behemoths are interested in purchasing the company, including major names such as Xiaomi, Lenovo and Huawei.

Interestingly, another certain company – which acquired another famous smartphone marque not too long ago – is also interested: Microsoft.


Apple leaks updated iPhone 5c

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Product leaks out of Apple don’t happen that often, though the latest indicates that the Cupertino company intends to return its cheapest handset to the market, following much speculation that the company intends to produce either an updated iPhone 5c or new iPhone 6c.

The image – which actually advertises a new iPhone Lightning charging dock – depicts what appears to be an updated iPhone 5c model – possibly an iPhone 6c – sporting a new Touch ID sensor.


New iPhone 6s rumours: 12MP camera, new rose gold model

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As the iPhone rumour mill once again begins to turn, new details have emerged pegging a host of improvements over Apple’s incumbent smartphone, the iPhone 6.

Specifically, rumours pinpoint that the 6s will arrive in a new rose gold colour option, sport a 12 megapixel camera, and carry 2 gigabytes of RAM, among other details.


Is Apple developing its own search engine?

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Apple’s next stab at Google might not just be limited to smartphones, operating systems, web browsers and mapping – if recent news reports are to be believed, Apple is in the midst of developing its own search engine.

A recent addition to Apple’s support site details a web crawler named Applebot; web crawlers are used to index web pages for search terms, and the confirmed existence of Applebot is the first time the Cupertino company has publicly confirmed an in-house web crawler.


Rumour: Could we see three iPhone devices this year?

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iPhone 6

Another day, another Apple rumour. As we inch closer and closer to the fall (or, Spring for us Southern Hemisphere beings) when new Apple products usually make their debut, rumours are starting to spread about the company’s proposed new devices.

This latest rumour comes from Digitimes, who are citing ‘industry sources’. These ‘industry sources’ are claiming that Apple is planning on releasing three iPhone devices this fall.

Expected to launch in the second half of 2015, if the rumours turn out to be true, Apple will release three new flagship iPhone models; the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 6S Plus and, much to our surprise, a new iPhone 6C model.  (more…)

LG G4 “Note” might feature a metal body

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While a possible announcement date draws nearer for LG’s (supposed) 2015 flagship, the G4, rumours circulating the internet pinpoint that LG’s forthcoming premium smartphone won’t feature a metal chassis, much to the chagrin of users who’ve felt that the current G3 is let down by a faux metal (plastic) finish.

Rather, sources pinpoint that a higher-end – or at least, larger – G4 “Note” smartphone or phablet will feature an premium metal body.


Apple alledgedly developing a TV subscription service

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While Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has pegged the company’s set-top box – Apple TV – as a hobbyist product many times, rumours pinpoint that the Cupertino company is developing a TV subscription service for release at year end.

The rumour also follows another speculation – that Apple will unveil a brand new Apple TV box at some point in April.