iOS 8 early build leaked

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The first substantial iOS 7 update has only rolled out, but we are already getting rumours and leaks about iOS 8. According to leaks from 9to5Mac the new version will look an awful lot like the current one (we didn’t expect anything else), but it has to be noted that this is a very early beta build of the OS, so changes can still happen. (more…)

Sony’s Xperia G leaked, mid-range phone coming soon

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Sony is reportedly releasing a couple of mid-range phones at Mobile World Congress this month, along with a couple of low-end ones. But it seems that the Xperia G will be headlining that line-up of non-flagship devices.

A photo claiming to show portions of the Xperia G was tweeted out along with some specs: LTE, 8GB of storage, an 8-megapixel camera and a gig of RAM, plus a 4.8-inch screen. Those internals, if accurate would position the G as a mid-range handset with a slightly smaller size and similar design as the Xperia Z1S (which was only available in the US). (more…)

Samsung teases something new – ‘Just for you’

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As soon as the Samsung rumour mill gets going, it’s hard to stop. This time, though, I’m not sure if there is really something to get excited about. To be honest, the rumours flying around are so varied and ridiculous, that we won’t take any of them seriously.

What we will do, is look at what we see in the video. It may only be 22 seconds long, but we do get a glimpse at a Galaxy Gear (and we have heard that the updated version is almost being released), as well as a smartphone that looks like an upgraded Galaxy S4. We don’t expect to see the Galaxy S5 anytime soon, but wouldn’t be surprised if it a new variant of the S4. Samsung are reportedly going to release two different Galaxy flagships that are roughly the same size from this year on (so not the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note range).

What do you think we are looking at?

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Rumour: Is HTC developing their own smartwatch?

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HTCThere is a rumour doing the rounds that HTC is in the process of developing an Android smartwatch. This might indeed be true, as the Taiwanese company has been struggling as of late.

According to Bloomberg, the planned smartwatch might be released by the end of next year.

Obviously, no official statement has been made by HTC themselves, but Bloomberg claims an unamed source is talking about the company’s smartwatch plans.

HTC also revealed to the Financial Times that they were working with Microsoft on a smartwatch a couple of years ago, so their smartwatch plans aren’t completely unfounded. (more…)

Rumour: Telkom might bring Netflix to SA

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South Africans might soon be able to enjoy American cable television in the comfort of their own homes, if this rumour turns out to be true.

According to MyBroadband, South Africa’s leading telecommunications service, Telkom, is in talks with US-based Netflix to offer their service locally.

A source with knowledge of the apparent talks between Telkom and Netflix has divulged the information to MyBroadband.

Netflix is an American video streaming services that was founded in 1997. As of this year, Netflix also offers on-demand media streaming of the latest TV shows, movies and other media across North and South America, the Caribbean, the UK and other European countries.

Netflix is now somewhat of an official competition for cable networks in the US and has even been included in the Primetime Emmy Awards, where 3 of it’s shows have been nominated for awards.

The rumour of a Telkom, Netflix partnership ties in with the company’s confirmed plans to roll out a high bitrate digital subscriber line (VDSL) service. (more…)

Industry sources confirm iBurst is for sale

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iBurstIf you have a spare couple of million lying around, there might be a wonderful business opportunity for you.

Rumours have been doing the rounds that Wireless Business Solutions (WBS), the parent company of iBurst, is for sale.

According to, industry sources close to the development have confirmed that the internet company is, indeed up for grabs and it appears that some big players are interested in the company.

Vodacom, MTN and Dimension Data are just some of the names being thrown around as potential buyers.

One industry source has said that Dimension Data has already made an offer to WBS of R250 million. However, it is believed that this offer was rejected, and that the WBS share holders are looking at a much steeper price – somewhere in the region of R500 million.

WBS Holdings (Pty) Ltd. was established in 1999 and owns 100% iBurst (Pty) Ltd. and Wireless Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

According to iBurst’s website, that has been in operation since May 2005, it  is an exclusive Service Provider Company to Wireless Business Solutions.


Apple working on “iWatch”?

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Once again the rumour mill is in full swing after a post on TGBUS. Their insider info now has Intel linked to the project, and it will feature a 1.5 inch display and Bluetooth 4.0, which is ideal for for low power transmitting. Intel will be supplying the low power processing in the device, which will be a big shift away from Apple’s current in house processing design used in the iPhone and iPad. The iWatch will apparently pair to the iPhone or iPad, and will in doing so probably also use their data connections.

Ever since the release of the sixth generation iPod Nano in 2010, people have wanted some type of Apple watch. Many buyers of the Nano at that stage mounted the player to their wrists, which made it a somewhat bulky but very cool watch. Apple caught on the fad, and released more watch faces for the software later. Problem was, the watch was an iPod, and nothing more. So no smart features or notification ability. (more…)