Samsung now has its own Galaxy Note 4 scandal: GapGate

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Galaxy Note 4

Well, what do you know. Hot off the heels of Apple’s infamous ‘Bendgate’ scandal, another giant tech company has been hit with a similar scandal – and it just so happens to be Apple’s biggest competitor, Samsung.

Samsung is the latest company to be embroiled in a scandal relating to their latest phablet (read: really big smartphone) the new Galaxy Note 4. And as we all know, the Note 4 is direct competition for the new iPhone 6 Plus, the phone implicated in the ‘Bendgate’ scandal.

Coincidence aside, Samsung is now the subject of ‘GapGate’ – aptly named by Twitter trolls and tech junkies world wide.

‘GapGate’ refers to a small gap in the new Galaxy Note 4 between the screen of the phone and the frame or casing around it.  (more…)

Samsung now selling a curved PC monitor

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Most people around the world still haven’t quite understood why companies are pushing the curved display as the next big thing. To be honest, we can’t see that much benefit either, but it is the latest trend to hit display technology and is likely to stay (for now, at least).

3D displays were all the rage a couple of years ago as well, but it has fizzled into little more than a memory. Samsung believes “the curve changes everything” about watching TV, and now they are making the same claim about computer monitors. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy A-series details leak

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We were very happy to see Samsung release the Galaxy Alpha, as it was the first metal rimmed Samsung ever brought to the masses. While we feel Samsung is thoroughly flogging the horse with the Galaxy branding, we now have details of a completely new Galaxy range, of which the Galaxy Alpha will be part. (more…)

Samsung Power Sharing cable can help charge accessories

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While we are very excited about smartwatches becoming more readily available and being made by more companies, we definitely feel they still have some ways to go before becoming the amazing wearables we have been dreaming about since the original Star Trek series (and for some, even before that).

One of the big reasons we aren’t completely sold on them yet is battery life – these wearables just don’t have the energy capacity to get them through much more than a day of use. Samsung believe that they have one solution, charging your wearable with your phone. (more…)

Samsung to bring payments and fingerprint scanning to its smartwatches

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Critics can accuse Apple of following instead of leading with the arrival of NFC support in its latest hardware all they want, but there’s at least one component of that project where Apple’s breaking new ground, making those NFC-based payments happen with a smartwatch. (more…)

New Samsung ads mock Apple’s new iPhone, watch and event

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New Samsung ad

Less than 48-hours after Apple introduced the world to the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung has released a series of ads that, once again, mocks the competition.

Staying true to their advertising form, Samsung’s new ads unashamedly bashes almost everything that happened at Apple’s event on Tuesday. From the new iPhones to the watch and even the event itself – Samsung shows no signs of diverting from their mocking advertising formula.

The ads, which were released as a playlist entitled ‘It Doesn’t Take a Genius’ on YouTube yesterday, feature two guys in blue shirts – seemingly portraying Apple Store employees. It also has an accompanying hashtag; #NoteTheDifference.

The two guys are shown discussing Apple’s new devices as well as the keynote address.  (more…)

Samsung Unpacked 2014: Episode 2

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It is that time of the year again, where everybody awaits the next move from the pioneers and leaders in the “phablet” industry – Samsung. After the performance and usability of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 announced at last year’s Unpacked event great things were expected and Samsung did more more than just live up to our expectations. Not only did we get the Galaxy Note 4 but we also got a two new unexpected products that were pleasant surprises.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini now available in SA

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Samsung Electronics South Africa has announced the local availability of the GALAXY S5 Mini. The smaller version of Samsung’s flagship device isn’t quite the blockbuster its larger sibling is, with lower specs, but the smaller size is sure to be enticing to many customers.

If you’re taken with the Galaxy S5′s design, fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor, but can’t afford its lofty price tag – or want a handset that’s more manageable in the hand – then the Galaxy S5 Mini is a strong replacement.

Shop around a little more though and the likes of the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and HTC One Mini 2 make for some tough competition.

Check out the full press release below: (more…)