Samsung’s Tizen OS isn’t dead yet?

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Samsung really want us to take Tizen seriously, but we have seen no sign that it would happen anytime soon. It is supposed to be Samsung’s answer to Android and iOS in the smartphone market, but all we have seen thus far is the OS being pushed onto their wearable devices.

We have seen the company trying to get the OS in more people’s hands with the Samsung Z, but we still can’t understand why these products never made it to consumers. We could easily assume that Samsung is thinking twice about Tizen on smartphones, but some new leaks prove otherwise. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S5 sells 4 million less than predecessor

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Saying that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has performed below expectations is an understatement, with the Wall Street Journal reporting that the company sold about 40 percent less than it thought it would. Subsequently, there have been many rumours that they might shake up management before long. (more…)

Samsung will start selling less smartphones

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What can Samsung do to stop their spiralling profits? Their answer, start making less smartphones, and we thoroughly agree.

The launch of the Galaxy S5 did not help their bottom line, and the Korean giant is hoping that the Galaxy Note 4 will be its saving grace in 2014. In the latest quarter, Samsung saw its lowest profits in over two years, so execs are starting to rethink their strategies. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review: Still the best phablet?

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Some said that this type of device would never take off, yet here we are in the fourth generation of one of the hottest properties in the mobile world – the Galaxy Note range. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the newest in the hit range, which is now in a segment that is becoming ever more crowded.

Even Apple, who swore by their “perfect for one handed use” size, has admitted defeat and made their devices larger to keep up with the trend. While there are many more devices of this kind in the market today than even a year ago when the Galaxy Note 3 launched, Samsung wants and needs this device to be a massive success. They are seeing profits slipping drastically, a major factor being the fact that the Galaxy S5 wasn’t as big a success as its predecessors. The Note 4 tries its best with updated design and top-notch specs, but can it deliver? (more…)

Samsung “starting over” with the Galaxy S6 – specs leak

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Whether you love or hate the Korean electronics giant, you have to admit that they are a big deal. Their devices have been the undisputed Android sales king for some time. Now, however, their sales have started to slip, and after an underwhelming low sales rate of the Galaxy S5 (at least relative to the S4), Samsung profits have started to fall.

This has prompted the executives over at Samsung to have a bit of a rethink as to how they approach this market which is becoming ever more saturated. (more…)

Samsung announces the Galaxy A3 and A5 (video)

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The new phone announcements just aren’t stopping these last couple of months, this time with Samsung taking the wraps off their new Galaxy A series, which was initial launched with the Galaxy Alpha.

The Galaxy A series will be headlined by the Galaxy A3 and the Galaxy A5, which are both impressively thin. The two phones offer a “refined, trendy design,” harkening to the Samsung Galaxy Alpha with the use of a premium-looking metal unibody. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Launch: Cape Town

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The evening of Thursday, October 16th saw Samsung Electronics launch a flurry of new products in Cape Town, South Africa under the banner of the official Galaxy Note 4 World Tour. Hosted in the Execujet Hangar at the Cape Town International Airport, the launch featured local celebrity hosting via Top Billing presenter Michael Moll.

Launched in South Africa at the event, The Galaxy Note 4 arrives with a revised, modernised look, sporting a metal frame with the same plastic leather back the Galaxy range has become (in)famous for. Instead of the stitched look though, it has been revamped and modernised. With a display reaching 5.7 inches, the Note sits firmly in phablet territory – positioned in what Samsung terms the “fastest growing segment in the smartphone environment.” (more…)

The Galaxy Note 4 drop test (video)

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Samsung wants to make sure people think their new phablet can handle some abuse. In order to do that, they are abusing it themselves.

If you don’t use a cover on your phones, as we prefer, you may want to watch this. Especially if you intend to get a Samsung phone anytime soon. Check it out in the video below: (more…)