Samsung announces Galaxy A-series for South Africa

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We were wondering if Samsung would bring these devices to the country, and we are so glad they did. South Africa seems like the perfect market for this device.

The Samsung A series is Samsung’s newest and slimmest smartphone range. It consists of the Galaxy A3 and A5. The range offers a trendy design and interesting functions to support social networking for young users. (more…)

Samsung gives SA schools solar power

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Access to quality education has deterred economic growth in many ways, in part because information technology is evolving much faster than many schools can adapt. This has compelled many organisations to take a stand and use collaborative solutions to address such challenges.

Samsung Electronics South Africa is one such organisation which has invested in educational initiatives to benefit the country. “We believe that for our business to succeed, we need to foster change in the communities in which we operate. This is achieved by connecting our technology with the right partners and through investing in education to empower teachers and learners,” says Pitso Kekane, Head of Corporate Citizenship at Samsung Electronics SA. (more…)

Apple’s next iPhone to be powered by Samsung chips

Published by on Jan 27th, 2015, 8 Comments

A man walks at the Samsung Electronics' headquarters in Seoul

The Korean giant Samsung may have pulled off another great move to boost its electronics business. That’s not the devices division, however, but Samsung chips will reportedly power the majority of the next-generation iPhone.

The report says that Samsung will claim 75% of processor chip production for Apple’s next smartphone. Samsung are one of a few companies that have the scale to provide high-end processors in the numbers that Apple needs for its iPhones. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Battery Life Tips

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This is somewhat of a contentious issue when it comes to smartphones these days, with many of the new devices truly disappointing when it comes to battery life.

While the Galaxy Note 4 has a large battery by today’s standards, it also has to push a lot of pixels in that QHD display, and has extremely beefy specs. Also, TouchWiz is a bit of a battery hog, though it is getting slightly better with time.

As we stated in our review, the battery performance on the Note 4 isn’t quite as good as the Galaxy Note 3. Heavy users might probably won’t need a charge during the day, but here are some tips to make sure you don’t. (more…)

Apple is eating Samsung’s market share, even in South Korea

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It is normal for citizens to support companies from their own country and as you can imagine, Samsung have a massive market share in its native South Korea. That is, until now. Samsung finds this worrying, as their dominance is slowly fading away in their home territory. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t be waterproof, period

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One of the major features Samsung touted when it released the Galaxy S5 last year was the fact that it is waterproof. Sure, it had the most annoying flap in the world that covered the charging port, but it was still waterproof (actually, water resistant is more accurate). (more…)

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 to get a dual-edge display variant

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You may be getting tired of Samsung rumours, but this one is actually very interesting. In the couple of months leading up to its launch there will undoubtedly be more, but this may actually give us some inkling as to what Samsung actually wants to do with its curved display technology.

Previously news hit the internet that the Galaxy S6 will have a variant called the Galaxy S6 Edge, pretty much in the same design as we saw with the Galaxy Note 4 Edge. Now, though, another source is claiming that Samsung’s been working on a dual-curve GS6 Edge design. (more…)

Samsung ends BlackBerry acquisition rumours

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In the last couple of days we’ve been hearing rumours that Samsung might be leaning toward acquiring BlackBerry for around $7.5 bn. In some ways it really makes sense. Samsung’s numbers are declining faster than they could have anticipated and could use BlackBerry’s impressive host of patents to their advantage, while BlackBerry is struggling as a smartphone manufacturer and has actually been looking for a buyer for some time. (more…)