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Review: Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch

Published by on Feb 22nd, 2013, No Comments


The ultrabook category has clearly taken the market by storm – initially started as a standard defined by Intel as an answer to Apple’s Macbook Air, most PC manufacturers were very quick to build their own versions. The idea is simple – very light, subnotebook class machines which cost a little more than a standard machine. Most of these ultrabooks are now on their second generations, so they are better than ever.

But the problem with a standard like “Ultrabook” is that very quick manufacturers need to think of ways to differentiate their own products. A few ingredients are found everywhere – low power Intel processors, speedy solid state storage, and very thin bodies.

So what makes the Series 5 Ultra unique?


The Samsung Series 5 Ultra is built from a mixture of plastic and aluminium paneling, resulting in a very solid feeling notebook. While not as light as the Macbook Air, it definitely feels very solid. Closing the laptop also give a very reassuraing thunk sound. Kind of like the door of a German car.