Condoleezza Rice joins Dropbox, and people are not happy

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Condoleezza Rice

Dropbox has made a string of important announcements over the past week. The company introduced new products and services – like Mailbox for Apple and Android as well as their much talked about Carousel app. And most people were really happy and excited about these announcements.

The one thing that Dropbox users were not too excited about, was the company’s announcement that Dr. Condoleezza Rice will be joining the company on their Board of Directors.

Like most of you will remember, Condoleezza Rice was the US Secretary of State under the Bush administration.

While we know that the Bush administration was not favoured by many millennials, there are other reasons Dropbox users did not particularly give Dr. Rice a warm welcome to the cloud-storage company.

The main reason people are not to keen on Condoleezza, according to rants and complaints on Twitter and other social media sites, is privacy concerns.  (more…)

Mozilla CEO steps down amidst homophobic views

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While many people are aware of the fact that we are living in the year 2014, it seems that some still don’t grasp the concept of acceptance – even if they are in the public eye.

This week was a bit of an abomination for Brendan Eich – (now former) CEO of Mozilla Corporation. Although Eich was only appointed as the company’s new CEO a few weeks ago, he couldn’t seem to hold on to the top spot for very long.

And rightfully so. Eich is an open supporter of an anti-gay marriage bill in California. With Mozilla being a big company, firmly in the public eye, Eich’s ancient beliefs would obviously not sit well with many.

Today, Mozilla announced that Eich has stepped down as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. (more…)

Google Maps parody, ‘Google Naps’, shows you the best places to nap

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Sometimes you just feel like having a nap. Especially when you’re traveling the world and doing all sorts of exhausting, tourist things. The only problem is, how would you know where the best place is to have a nap in a foreign country? Well, that’s where Google Naps come in to the picture.

Google Naps is a parody of the popular Google Maps, and, basically, shows you the best places to take a nap all around the world.

The service has exactly the same interface as Google Maps – with beacons place on the map showing you where the best place would be to get some shut eye. However, these places are not hotels or guest houses, but rather public places that will be adequate for a quick power nap.

The areas marked as nap spots are usually public areas with soft grass or benches. (more…)

Emojis to become more ‘racially diverse’, says Apple

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Whether you’re an avid emoji-user or prefer to express yourself solely with words, you should’ve noticed by now that the standard, iOS emoji range offers a lot of different emojis – the only problem is, they are mostly of white people.

The issue of the ‘predominantly white’ emojis has reared it’s head a couple of times, with people asking why there are not many emojis that depict people of colour. So it should come as no surprise that the issue has been brought up again. Although this time around, Apple has responded.

There have been many outcries over the past year by people, and even celebrities like Miley Cyrus and actor Tahj Mowry, to diversify the standard iOS emoji range. However, it wasn’t until MTV Act blogger, Joey Parker, sent an email directly to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, that an official response was given.  (more…)

Vine bans pornography, not artistic nudity

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According to a post on the Vine blog, the company has determined that a small percentage of its users are posting videos that “are not a good fit” for its community. Twitter had to respond and ban tweets of explicit material on their platform as well. Vine has become the latest internet platform to make this move, as inevitably, pornography has found its way to the platform as it has on all other platforms. (more…)

Facebook broadens gender options

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Nowadays, people’s identities have become way more complicated than simply ‘male or female’. Many people in the world today identify themselves as transgender, intersex, transsexual and many other terms that some haven’t even heard of.

One can imagine then that choosing between either ‘male or female’ on a social network can grieve these individuals. Well, the world’s largest social network has taken the first step in diversifying their gender options to more than 50 additional options.

Facebook announced yesterday that from now on, users will be able to select a ‘custom gender’ – rather than the stock standard, male of female.

This provides transgender, transsexual and any other type of person, to reveal their true identities on the social networking site. And what a pleasure it must be for them.  (more…)

Google takes public stand against Russia’s anti-gay laws

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Google Doodle

Today marks the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. It also marks the start of a universal event, promoting equality and acceptance, being held in a (highly) discriminating country. Queue the controversy…

It’s no secret that Russia, under the rule of Vladimir Putin, is not accepting of the LGBT community. Russia’s strong, anti-gay laws has been the subject of much discussion – especially leading up to the Olympics. And today, on the first day of the Games, Google has very subtly taken a huge stand against Russia’s ridiculous laws.

Google’s doodle today pays homage to the start of the Games, however, it is so much more than a ‘good luck’ to the Olympians.

The doodle features various Winter Olympic athletes, in the colour and pattern of the rainbow gay pride flag. Genius. (more…)

Twitter co-founder announces new startup, Jelly

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Biz Stone

Co-founder of Twitter and all-round social networking guy, Biz Stone, has just revealed his new startup company, Jelly.

Jelly is not a dessert company or a children’s game as the name would suggest, but rather something quite innovative that seemed to confuse journalists and bloggers the world round.

In actual fact, Jelly is a mobile app that enables it’s users to to ask any kind of short question on their social network through pictures.

Its premise is very simple and to the point; users can take a picture of literally anything, upload it to their network and ask people questions about it. For instance, should you come across a new brand of your favourite cookies, you can snap it, post it and ask people what it tastes like or what allergens are present.

It is also useful to ask opinions. Opinions on where to travel, where to have lunch, what style dress to wear and really anything you can think of.

Revealed only yesterday, Jelly has managed to garner a lot of media attention (mostly because of Stone’s famous name). However, the majority of responses were, initially, quite negative. Stone and his newborn company received a lot of criticism in the space of 24 hours.

Questions like “why is it only limited to short questions” or “what is the actual purpose if there is Google” seemed to dominate the steady flow of comments.

However, it wasn’t until Stone explained the actual intention behind Jelly that the media started to shut up and listen. Because its so much more than another cool app.  (more…)