Microsoft announces 20 new OEMs will ship Office & OneDrive

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Microsoft made a huge announcement today, citing a bold new phase in the company’s cross-platform strategy: 20 new OEMs, including the likes of Sony and LG, will ship Microsoft services such as Office and OneDrive as pre-installed apps on their devices.

The news, which comes alongside yesterday’s announcement that Cortana will shortly be available on both iOS and Android, indicates that Microsoft are readying a tighter integration with Android, iOS, and the forthcoming release of Windows 10.


Sony launches the Xperia A4

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Following last month’s quiet launch of the Xperia Z4 in Japan, Sony have launched a new addition to its Xperia range: the A4.

The A4, which shares many similar specifications to last year’s Z3 Compact, has so far been launched exclusively for Japanese carrier NTT Docomo, with no present word on global availability.


Sony announces Xperia C4 and C4 Dual

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Today, Sony made a quiet announcement – a successor to the firm’s mid-range Xperia C3 will arrive later this year in the form of the Xperia C4 and C4 dual.

Sony has confirmed that both handsets, citing the popularity of the Xperia C3, will be available in South Africa.


Sony launches PlayStation Now on the PlayStation 3

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Today, Sony announced that the company intends to bring its cloud gaming service to its elder console, the PlayStation 3, alongside a new 7 day free trial to consumers who haven’t yet signed up.

PlayStation Now – Sony’s game streaming service which launched in beta in July of 2014 – was at first exclusive to the PlayStation 4.


Sony launches Xperia Z4

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April 20th saw the surreptitious launch of Sony Corporation’s 2015 flagship – the Xperia Z4.

The firm announced the release of the forthcoming smartphone over a blog post on its Japanese website, indicating that the new device won’t be immediately available internationally.


Xperia Z4 images leaked

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In what’s quickly becoming another day at the office for Sony, new images of the firm’s upcoming flagship, the Xperia Z4, have been leaked. The images in question reveal the forthcoming smartphone’s frame and home screen.

Judging from the images, the Xperia Z4 continues the design legacy from the prior Z3, and collates with the Xperia Z4 tablet’s design language.


Sony launches PlayStation Music

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After first revealing the intent to create a Spotify-powered music streaming service for PlayStation consoles in January, Sony has see fit to release PlayStation Music in 41 countries as of this morning.

Previously, PlayStation users had access to Music Unlimited – a similar streaming service which Sony debuted in 2010. Sony has discontinued Music Unlimited in favour of PlayStation Music through an alliance with Spotify.


Sony launches TV streaming service PlayStation Vue

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While Apple is apparently readying its own entry into the increasingly competitive field of TV streaming, Sony today released PlayStation Vue – a television service aimed at – as the name might suggest – PlayStation owners.

The pricey service, currently only available to PlayStation 3 and 4 owners in New York, Philadelphia and Chicago, launched earlier this morning alongside a 7 day free trial for new consumers.