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Reserve Bank to pay R250 million back to Mark Shuttleworth

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Mark Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth is a very wealthy man and now he looks to add even more to his riches after the Supreme Court of Appeal ruled in his favour in his lengthy legal battle against the South African Reserve Bank.

The local tech entrepreneur – and first African in space – has been battling with the Reserve Bank for over a year about the pricey exchange control levies and today finally received judgement, which of course was in his favour.

The SCA has ordered the South African Reserve Bank to pay Shuttleworth R250 million, plus interest.

The official amount that the Reserve Bank has to pay to Shuttleworth is R250 474 893, 50 (plus the interest, of course). The sum is equal to that which Shuttleworth had to pay for moving his assets out of the country.

Shuttleworth has not been living in South Africa since 2001, when he moved to the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom. However, it wasn’t until 2009 that the billionaire decided to take the rest of his money with him to the UK. He has a reported fortune of R2.5 billion. (more…)

Impress Me – an app to help you land your dream job

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We all know that finding a job – and a job that you actually want – in this day and age can almost be an impossible task. With so many people looking for the same job as you are, it is almost a certainty that your resumé will end up in a pile of other, equally impressive resumés.

That is why you need to stand out from the crowd – and that is exactly what the Impress Me app looks to do; helping you stand out from the crowd to land the job of your dreams.

Impress Me is a video-based app that allows you to visually impress your potential employer and address them ‘face-to-face’ without even being called in for an interview.

The premise is actually really simple. The app allows you to submit a unique video clip of yourself, telling recruiters or potential employers exactly why you are right for the job. Impress Me also has a search function, detailing various open positions in an array of different fields. You can, for instance, search for a job in the computing and IT field, find a job you would be interested in, and submit your video.  (more…)

You can now buy Google Glass in SA – for a ridiculous price

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Google Glass

Tech junkies, rejoice! Google Glass has arrived on South African shores for the first time; however, we’re pretty sure that not many people will jump to get their hands on the device – considering the ridiculous price.

Online retailer,, is offering a limited amount of Google Glass devices. The company made the announcement on their website yesterday, but really there was only one thing that caught our eye…

Takealot is selling Google Glass for an astonishing R26 999 – for one.

Now if you can get over the initial shock, you might be glad to hear that they are selling two different styles of the device, although that doesn’t affect the price.

Takealot if offering limited units of Google Glass Black in either split style frames or edge style frames.  (more…)

Today’s Google doodle celebrates Madiba

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Madiba Doodle

As every South African should know, today is Nelson Mandela’s birthday and more importantly, a day in which we celebrate the father of our nation.

It’s also the first Mandela Day since he passed away in December of last year, so it’s even more important to carry through his legacy – even in death. Even Google has decided to celebrate Madiba by making an interactive, beautifully designed doodle for today.

If you’ve been on the internet at all today, you’ve probably seen the doodle. But besides being a beautiful tribute to the late former president, it is one of Google’s more intricate doodles, that actually takes you through important moments in his life.

The interactive doodle starts with an illustration of Madiba. Users can then click through the doodle for more illustration of some of the most momentous occasions in his rich life.  (more…)

Uber launches lower cost UberX in Cape Town

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Über x ct

Capetonians, listen up. Grabbing a ride with Uber will now be a little less strenuous on the pocket with the launch of their lower cost UberX service in the Mother City.

The popular taxi/chauffeur service announced today that they will be implementing the services of UberX – the lower cost version of the traditional, UberBlack.

In the past, there have been many complaints by Uber users that were not completely satisfied with the ‘style’ of their Uber ride. Cape Town Uber users were not to happy to be paying an ‘UberBlack’ price for a lift, but instead being picked up in a Toyota Corolla or Toyota Avanza.

The launch of UberX looks to better this situation.

UberX pricing will be significantly cheaper than UberBlack. UberX will charge a base fare of R5, with a minimum fare of R20. They will charge R7 per kilometer and fare per minute is set at R0.70. This puts the company on parr with standard taxi services in Cape Town.  (more…)

SA taxis to offer free Wi-Fi

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South African minibus taxis will soon step up their game and become more than just graffiti-ridden boomboxes.

Yesterday, the South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO), revealed that they plan on bringing free wi-fi to taxi commuters – both en route as well as at the taxi ranks.

In an interview with Radio 702, CEO of SANTACO, Nkululeko Buthelezi, said that by implementing free wi-fi in the taxis themselves and at the taxi ranks, they (the taxi industry) are making a valuable contribution to the development of the country:

“If you walk into a taxi rank and you have access to wi-fi, they will be able to look for jobs and will be able to interact with their friends on a social basis…[sic] we believe it will contribute to the growth of the country in general, and it’s part of our contribution as the taxi industry to the development of the country,” (more…)

News24 hits 100k+ concurrent users and 22M page views on a single day with elections data!

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elections 2014 n24

With the 2014 election finally behind us and statistics being rolled out everywhere, one of the most dramatic statistics is that of News24 and their popular live Elections coverage platforms.

News24 is South Africa’s largest online news platform, and with their extensive coverage of the elections, the site broke all of their precious records when it comes to user statistics.

According to Cathryn Reece, Product Development Manager at, the team at News24 planned to break numerous records when it came to the 2014 elections:

“When we started our planning for Elections 2014 we knew that we wanted to surpass all local benchmarks from a development and user perspective,” she said.

And did they ever. According to statistics pulled by Effective Measure statistics,  News24 generated 625 000 unique users and 4 million page views on voting day alone. The following day – results day – saw the site hit an astonishing 1.7 million unique users and 22 million page views.

The growth in unique users was 220% with an incredible 484% growth in page views.  (more…)

Local advertising company, Quirk, acquired by WPP

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One of Africa’s largest and most successful independently owned digital marketing agencies, Quirk, has been acquired by WPP.

WPP is one of Britain’s largest advertising companies ,with digital revenues of more than £3.5 billion in 2013. The WPP group’s total revenues stood at an astounding £10.2 billion.

The company has set a target that 40-45% of their revenue should be generated from digital media over the next five years. This, of course, explains their acquisition of Quirk – a company who’s unaudited consolidated revenues for the year ending in February amassed to approximately £7.9m (R140-million).

Quirk currently has five agencies across Africa, as well as some in London. Their client list is also one to fear. Some of their high profile clients include Caltex, Woolworths, Capitec Bank and Distell. (more…)