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Rogue One will be a prequel film to the original Star Wars trilogy

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SW Rogue OneOk, so I promised myself I won’t go overboard with Star Wars related content on the site, but this is just too good not to post. Disney announced (when they bought Lucasfilms) that they will not only continue the Star Wars saga but also release a few stand alone films set in the Star Wars universe.

Fans at the Star Wars Celebration continue to get new nuggets of information, and yesterday they got a glimpse of Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One (the first stand -alone) and the first description of the plot. And it looks epic… (more…)

Watch the awesome new Star Wars Episode VII trailer!

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star warsWe are 8 months away from the release of Star Wars Episode VII and the excitement and fear is building. Excitement because well, it’s Star Wars and then of course the fear of what exactly Disney is going to do with the franchise. Luckily the director, J.J. Abrams is seen as the most fitting person to bring Star Wars into the modern age.

Here is another Star Wars appetizer. A new trailer just premiered at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, and it gives us our first look at a few of the original cast members: Han Solo, Chewbaca, and what appears to be a hooded Luke Skywalker… (more…)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer debuts this Friday

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star warsLucasfilm will debut the first trailer of Star Wars: The Force Awakens this Friday. That’s awesome right? Not exactly. The trailer will only be showed by a small number of theaters across North America on Friday. Lucasfilm announced that the trailer will play before movies at 30 theaters starting this Friday and continuing through the weekend. The first official trailer will be 88 seconds and should be available worldwide on Monday. (more…)

X-Wing to make return in Star Wars Episode VII?

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StarWars-XW1New Star Wars Episode VII director J.J. Abrams has been giving avid fans a little insight into the Star Wars universe he is currently creating. In his latest video straight from the set of the new film Abrams gave fans one more thing to look forward to – the return of a X-Wing starfighter. The iconic starfighter, an ever present force within the Rebel Alliance fleet and partially responsible for the destruction of two Death Stars, looks quite beat up and even a bit modified. It seems clear that the legend fighter will make an appearance in the new film. (more…)

Is the Star Wars gaming franchise doomed?

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When Disney bought the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas and LucasArts, a lot of fans were grieved as the announcement came that all games currently being developed by LucasArts would be cancelled with immediate effect. While not all the Star Wars games were great, there were some standouts that really immersed you in the complex fantasy world of The Force. (more…)

Review: Angry Birds Star Wars

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Two of my favourite things: Star Wars and Angry Birds have combined to create the latest game from Finish game developers Rovio.

The fifth Angry Birds game is out for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Mac platforms meaning unless you have a Blackberry you should be catered for.

Angry Birds Star Wars mixes two styles of gameplay meaning it’s some of the original Angry Birds where you simply fling birds at pigs and Angry Birds Space where you had to navigate gravity and fling your birds around planets. There are currently two episodes set on Tatooine (complete with two suns) and the Death Star.

Rovio have been clever with the new birds and making the pigs into stormtroopers, TIE fighters and even Darth Vader pigs that can manipulate the force.

The birds have had a massive makeover as well with the red bird being played by Luke Skywalker and now wielding a lightsaber that you can use to reflect blaster shots and slice the piggies with.


Microsoft releases new Star Wars special edition Xbox

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Microsoft and LucasArts have collaborated to to announce “Kinect Star Wars” and the Xbox 360 Limited Edition “Kinect Star Wars” console bundle. The new console bundle features a distinct Star Wars styling with a gold Xbox controller which will enchant Star Wars fans.   Star Wars fans of all ages will soon be able to bring the Star Wars universe home and become part of the films like never before with the power of Kinect for Xbox 360.

With five dynamic modes – Jedi Destiny: Dark Side Rising, Podracing, Rancor Rampage, Galactic Dance Off and Duels of Fate – “Kinect Star Wars” makes it possible for Star Warsfans of all ages to delve into immersive Star Wars experiences. In addition to the previously announced Jedi, Podracing and Rancor modes, Xbox 360 and LucasArts have today unveiled new additions to the game, including:

New experiences within Jedi Destiny Mode, including:

Space battles: As you travel the Galaxy to face an evil that threatens to undermine the fabric of the Republic, you’ll engage with forces of the Empire in intense space battles

Speeder Bikes and Landspeeders: Pilot iconic Speeder Bikes and Landspeeders on your epic journey

New duels: Battle opponents like Count Dooku and Darth Vader on your journey to become a Jedi

New Duels of Fate mode, a battle-by-battle experience to sharpen your Jedi skills against the Dark Side

New Galactic Dance Off mode loaded with Star Wars-themed pop tunes where those still honing their Jedi skills can take a break to battle Darth Vader on the dance floor or bust a move “Solo style.”

Additionally, the Xbox 360 Limited Edition “Kinect Star Wars” console bundle will feature an exclusive C-3PO unlockable for Dance Mode. With these new reveals and the ability to play in 3D, “Kinect Star Wars” adds to the growing popularity of the family-friendly gaming portfolio for Kinect for Xbox 360. Both will both be available on April 3, 2012 in South Africa for a recommended retail price of R399 and R 4699 respectively.

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