You can now tweet Barack Obama: @POTUS

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While the President of the United States (POTUS) is one of the most powerful people in the world, the government has never created its own Twitter account for the position. Until now, that is.

The White House announced today that @POTUS is the official handle for the commander in chief. Of course, president Obama has his own Twitter account (managed by his campaign workers), but whomever hold office will from now on be using the @POTUS handle to talk to the Twitter-verse.

With this new username, updates will come directly from the president himself as he continues working to make “his Administration the most open and participatory in history.” Shortly after the account was created, ex-president Bill Clinton and Obama exchanged some witty banter: (more…)

Twitter is still losing money, even with 300 million users

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In the world of social media it is certainly difficult to stand out these days and very few have become successful and carved out a niche market for themselves. Twitter is hardly a company we would expect to need a niche to survive as it has been around for ages – 9 years this past March. That being said, Twitter is still not making money, even with 300 million active users as of Q1 in 2015. (more…)

Twitter testing new “Quality Filter” which will remove abuse from your timeline

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Twitter_Abuse2Social media has become a platform where everyone can speak their minds without worrying too much about the consequences. Twitter wars and abuse has become common place and sometimes it just isn’t worth it to open up your timeline and spoil your day.

Well, after admitting that it’s failed to adequately combat abuse and harassment, Twitter has been moving swiftly to weed out its worst users. Or at the very least making them much easier to ignore… (more…)

Twitter might team up with Foursquare in 2015

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twitter-foursquarePartnerships between different app companies are becoming more and more frequent these days. Recently we saw Spotify and Uber team up to provide an enhanced ride service with your favorite songs playing. Now it seems like there are two more high profile companies that want to go into business in 2015. According to a report from Business Insider, Twitter and Foursquare might be going into business together… (more…)

Tips for Small Businesses on Twitter

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Building your business on Twitter is simple with the right products and resources. We have some insight below which could be of use when developing content for Twitter for your business.

Find your voice – Don’t be afraid to let your personality come through, or that of your employees. Of course, business styles vary so you need to find a tone that works for your business and your customers. (more…)

French bank partners with Twitter to allow mobile payments

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if you needed any more proof that social networks are quickly entering the realm of mobile, peer-to-peer payments, then you need not look further than this latest partnership.

The world’s second largest social network, Twitter, has partnered with France’s second largest bank – Groupe BPCE – to essentially allow users to transfer money through their tweets.

BPCE made an announcement last month, saying that they will be partnering with Twitter in a new mobile payment service, but that details of how the service will work will all be revealed when it is launched.

And today is that day. At a press conference this morning, the social giant and the bank unveiled how their new service ill work and what it means for French Twitter users.

Firstly, the new service will tie in with BPCE’s existing mobile payment system called S-Money. Before the Twitter integration, S-Money allowed users to send money to their peers via text message. Now that service is essentially getting an upgrade with the Twitter integration.

The service is currently only available for users with French cellphone numbers and bank accounts, but is not limited to those who have a bank account with BPCE.  (more…)

Is Twitter delving into e-commerce?

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Twitter e-commerce

By the looks of things, Twitter may be going beyond simply being a social network. Recent moves by the company strongly indicates that they are looking to add an e-commerce option to their line-up.

This past week, a couple of Twitter users reported seeing a new option in their Twitter settings menu. The ‘payments and shipping’ option appeared on the settings menu in Twitter’s Android app.

While the option was there, it was not yet functional. Users reported that they could not open or activate the function, but it didn’t seem to disappear either.

Could this be a foreshadowing of what Twitter is planning? Probably. Twitter regularly test new  features and functions on a select few users before a full scale roll out.

And this latest report isn’t the first indication that Twitter is seriously considering a move into e-commerce.  (more…)

World Cup final breaks Twitter and Facebook records

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Germany win World Cup

The 2014 FIFA World Cup was certainly one to remember. Besides the fact that it was held in Brazil, the undisputed home of football, the tournament offered some amazing high’s and shocking low’s.

It’s natural then that World Cup cause quite a stir on social media – a record breaking stir, in fact.

The World Cup seemed to dominate conversation on two of the world’s biggest social networks. The event broke records on both Facebook and Twitter as the world became consumed with soccer-madness.

This year’s World Cup final is officially the most talked about sporting event on Facebook, ever. According to data released by Facebook, Sunday’s final generated a lot of interaction on the site.

88 million people interacted with the site – and they did that 280 million times. This is in the form of posts, comments and likes. It broke the previous record, which centered around last year’s Superbowl in the US.  (more…)