Amazing: Drones fly around fireworks display

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Drones in Fireworks

Drones, drones, drones. These high-flying, video filming copters are everywhere nowadays – from Amazon’s proposed delivery drones to our very own riot yielding drones – it’s fair to say they’re super popular.

However, this might be the most spectacular use of a drone we have ever seen. Not only is it (highly) dangerous, but it is breathtakingly amazing.

Here, on two different occasions, drones are used to fly straight into (yes, into) and around a spectacular fireworks display. And we’re not talking about a few flares; these firework displays are incredible.

The first is a video taken by Jos Stiglingh in West Palm Beach in Florida in May. Stiglingh used a DJI Phantom quad-copter – a popular commercial drone – mounted with a GoPro Hero 3 camera.

The video starts at take off and what ensues will literally take your breath away. The drone not only flies straight into the fireworks display, but dances around it like a firefly around a light.  (more…)

Microsoft’s 90′s ‘Smart Home’ concept (Video)

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microsoft 90's 

We all know that nowadays, everything is ‘smart’. Smartphones, smart cars and lately, smart homes, are the order of the day. With devices like Nest, it is becoming more and more popular for homes to be integrated into a ‘smart’ network.

With Google acquiring Nest and Apple filing patents for smart home tech that connects everything in your home to your iPhone, the trend of making your home smart is clearly alive and well.

But where did this idea come from? Well, apparently from Microsoft – back in 1999.

15 years ago, Microsoft produced a segment for the ‘Retirement Living TV’ show that showcased their vision for a ‘smart home’. (more…)

Google’s self-driving car

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Google self-driving car

While we know that Google has been experimenting with, and building, these self-driving cars for a few years now, it’s still somewhat of a mind-boggling project. However, seeing the prototype in action, gave us a bit more insight into the method behind the madness.

Yesterday, Google unveiled the first prototype of their fully autonomous, self-driving car. And we must admit, we are actually impressed.

With previous self-driving models, Google has always used existing cars as their base platform. However, this time around, the company has built an entirely independent car – basically from scratch.  (more…)

Watch Roger Federer play tennis with Google Glass

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Federer Glass

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a top ranked tennis player? Well, thanks to the technological wonder that is Google Glass, now you can.

In saying that, I don’t mean that Google Glass will turn you into a professional tennis player, that magical the device is not. It can, however, give you a first person view of what it’s like playing top level tennis.

Grand Slam tennis legend, Roger Federer, recently participated in what seems to be a marketing stunt for Google Glass (although it was uploaded to Roger Federer’s YouTube channel), by wearing the device while engaging in a friendly game of tennis with former champion Stefan Edberg.

The result is a video featuring footage from both cameramen on the sideline as well as footage from Federer’s Glass; hence giving us, the viewer, a chance to see what it’s like playing tennis from Federer’s point of view.  (more…)

This guy built his very own Wolverine claws in his garage

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wolverine claws

Now this isn’t something you see everyday. In fact, it’s something you’d probably only see in a Hollywood blockbuster; specifically The X-Men franchise.

One crazy guy (or adventurous, depends on how you look at it) successfully recreated the most famous of all the X-men’s most famous asset: Wolverine’s retractable claws.

Colin Fruze is a self-proclaimed ‘garage inventor’ that has designed and built numerous crazy inventions. Of course, in this day and age, he documents all of his inventions – as well as their building process – on camera, and then uploads the videos to his YouTube channel.  (more…)

Microsoft’s Infinity Room explains big data on a grand scale

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Microsoft Infinity Room

Data is all around us, and almost everything has an direct or indirect effect on something else. However, sometimes it’s quite hard to grasp ‘big’ data or the analysis thereof. This is why Microsoft created the Infinity Room – a beautiful, breathtaking way of explaining ‘big’ data.

Last month, while Microsoft was in San Francisco for the SQL Server 2014 launch party, they turned one room into a vast, never-ending hub of data in an effort to explain big data and how Microsoft’s new data analyzing tools can help dissect the information.

Called an ‘immersive data narrative experience’, the special mirrored room mixed LED animations and pixel spheres along with an audio narrative to create a space which will help anyone understand the immensity of big data and how it can be analyzed.  (more…)

The first ever YouTube video was posted on this day, 9 years ago

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For most of us, imaging a world without YouTube almost seems impossible. The service has become such a big part of life in the digital age that thinking of it not being here anymore sends one into a panic.

Whether you use the term ‘YouTube’ as a noun, a verb (YouTubing) or simply as a reference, it’s bound to pop up at some point.

Now it’s hard to think that the world’s favourite video sharing website is only 9 years old – however, at the pace of things changing and happening in the digital world, YouTube almost seems like an elder.

While YouTube was officially founded on Valentines Day in 2005, the first ever video posted to the site was posted on April 23rd 2005 – today 9 years ago. (more…)

First ever YouTube Music Awards set for November 3rd

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YouTube Music Awards

The very first YouTube Music Awards will be held o the 3rd of November in New York City. But unlike the Grammy’s or the VMA’s – the YouTube Music Awards will also be placing the spotlight on lesser known artists, that might only be familiar to dedicated subscribers.

That is the thing about YouTube – it serves as a platform for unsigned artists to make their mark on the music industry by reaching millions of people and subscribers.

The YouTube Music Awards will focus on the fact that they give unknown artists a place to express themselves and show of their musical chops. Along with world famous music superstars like Lady Gaga and Eminem, lesser know artists (or, as they like to call themselves, YouTube sensations) will also be up for an award or two. (more…)