The first ever YouTube video was posted on this day, 9 years ago

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For most of us, imaging a world without YouTube almost seems impossible. The service has become such a big part of life in the digital age that thinking of it not being here anymore sends one into a panic.

Whether you use the term ‘YouTube’ as a noun, a verb (YouTubing) or simply as a reference, it’s bound to pop up at some point.

Now it’s hard to think that the world’s favourite video sharing website is only 9 years old – however, at the pace of things changing and happening in the digital world, YouTube almost seems like an elder.

While YouTube was officially founded on Valentines Day in 2005, the first ever video posted to the site was posted on April 23rd 2005 – today 9 years ago. (more…)

First ever YouTube Music Awards set for November 3rd

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YouTube Music Awards

The very first YouTube Music Awards will be held o the 3rd of November in New York City. But unlike the Grammy’s or the VMA’s – the YouTube Music Awards will also be placing the spotlight on lesser known artists, that might only be familiar to dedicated subscribers.

That is the thing about YouTube – it serves as a platform for unsigned artists to make their mark on the music industry by reaching millions of people and subscribers.

The YouTube Music Awards will focus on the fact that they give unknown artists a place to express themselves and show of their musical chops. Along with world famous music superstars like Lady Gaga and Eminem, lesser know artists (or, as they like to call themselves, YouTube sensations) will also be up for an award or two. (more…)

Microsoft welcomes back Start Button in new Windows 8.1 Ad

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One of the major bugbears of Windows 8 users everywhere was the disappearance of the Start Button on the screen – a fundamental part of Windows since Windows 95. Windows 8 instead relied on gestures or hot corners when using a mouse – while not that bad to use every day, it is not exactly the most intuitive method for people starting out with Windows 8.

Luckily with Windows 8.1 (a free upgrade for Windows 8 users), Microsoft has brought back the on screen Start button. The great thing is that 8.1 updates so much more than just the Start button: (more…)

Google brings messaging together in new Hangouts

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Google’s messaging systems have quickly become a mess – with the launch of Google Chat a decade ago they had a pretty decent headstart. But they quickly branched out into different channels with the launch of Google Voice, and later the Hangouts feature in Google+.

Google Talk was luckily built on the Jabber standard until now, meaning that you could quite easily integrate it with many different clients across many platforms. But Google never launched an official Google Chat client outside Android – until now. The new Google Hangouts app is meant to bring Talk, Hangouts video chat and Google Voice together into one product.


Nokia shows new Lumia 928 low light video performance

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Nokia keeps on pushing the benefits of its Pureview cameras in its flagship phones – but this time they extended the incredible low light technology to video as well. Their new Lumia 928 phone is not only going to sport a new aluminium casing, it will clearly have an even better camera as well.



BWB TV: Google Nexus 7 Review (Video)

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Even though the Nexus 7 has almost been around for a year, a revamped version was released more recently and we put it through its paces. At such a low price point, the Nexus 7 is a premium device for very little money. We think it’s the best 7-inch Android tablet by a country mile, but how does it compare to something like the iPad Mini? Check out our video review below. (more…)

What is Bitcoin Exactly? (Video)

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Right now the entire web is all abuzz about Bitcoin – a digital currency you can use to buy things online, or trade for other currencies like dollars. But Bitcoin is a lot more than that, and is actually a very well thought out system.

Bitcoin was initially designed as a digital currency (“BTC”) to move outside any central bank, and to avoid the current rules of transactions. Bitcoin is entirely decentralized, and is not controlled by any government or reserve bank. Using cryptography and digital signatures, Bitcoin is “mined” by Bitcoin mining machines – these machines need to solve complex mathematical problems, which generate a 64 digit code.

These mining machines are standard PCs but typically customized with very high end graphics processors, and whatever hardware might be needed to work out that difficult maths problem. With each block of Bitcoins that are generated, the maths problem might alter in difficulty. There are thousands of machines working on these problems at any time, and because of increasing difficulty, the market cannot be flooded by a sudden onset of Bitcoins coming into circulation.

Every 10 minutes a block of Bitcoins are issued to miners, provided their machines can solve the complex mathematical problem. 25 bitcoins are generated every ten minutes, but every now and then the rate of new Bitcoins generate halves. For example, it will decrease to 12.5 bitcoins by 2017 – and then halved every 4 years.

Compare this to traditional government issued money – typically a reserve bank can simply print money as needed by the economy.  (more…)

First Samsung Galaxy S4 Ads emerge

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Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 4.34.42 PM

Samsung’s latest Android superphone has many gadget fans salivating, and that massive Samsung advertising budget is bound to come up with some good ads. Samsung has just released their first three ads for the flagship phone, and they do a good job of showing some off the new features.

Samsung’s current strategy of throwing every possible feature at the Galaxy S4 means that they have to show where some of these features might be needed. For example – you might wonder why you need sound with a picture, and Samsung shows us the charming tale of a son sending his mother pictures of his trip, with sound of course: (more…)