Absa bank to launch app Q1 of 2013


According to a report by My Broadband, Absa’s head of retail marketing Arrie Rautenbach revealed in an interview with MoneyWeb that the bank will finally be launching its very own banking app. The app will become available to staff this month and then to clients in the first quarter of 2013.

While Absa seems to be behind competitors like FNB, who are arguably at the forefront of embracing the banking app, in terms of getting an app to market, Rautenbach claims that once launched, the app will be better than anything that is currently out there at the moment. A bold statement.

According to MoneyWeb, Barclays bank, a majority shareholder in Absa, has recently launched a mobile-to-mobile payment system in Kenya called Pingit. Pingit lets customers send money across borders using just a telephone number.

Absa customers in South Africa can then benefit from these innovative services like Pingit as they will continue to develop and expand, driving innovation over time, says Rautenbach.

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  • Theunis Jansen van Rensburg

    Well, its about damn time!

  • Bosveld Reaper

    Dankie Werner!

  • Andrew

    Wow ! This has been in development since around mid 2011. In the meantime FNB and other have leaped ahead. Wonder how many clients ABSA have lost in the interim? The stable door has shut, the horses are long gone ……

  • Better late than never. Only, what, a year or two late?

    • being last lets u learn from others short comings BUT DO U USE THIS??thats why the first should leave room 4 change

  • Wow! and will it ask me what language do I prefer like the ATM’s after being a client since the little yellow bank bookie from Trust Bank days or when Noah ran aground? Modern technology ?

  • Today, Tomorrow, Whatever…

    • Andrew

      Nice one – that perfectly describes their attitude.

  • Hard to get excited by ABSA’s technology strategy. They are always last.

  • TheAlteredState

    Well, Q1 2013 is almost over… any news?

  • Andrew

    8 days left of Q1 ?????

    • Theunis Jansen van Rensburg

      We are also waiting with bated breath.