Yahoo! to unveil new logo 5th September

Yahoo! reveals the first in a series of new logos

According to Yahoo!’s official blog, chief marketing officer Kathy Savitt has revealed that the internet company will be introducing a new logo on 5th September.

According to Savitt, Yahoo! wants its logo – “the essence of its brand”  – to “reflect the spirit of innovation” and “reimagined design” that the company has adopted over the last year with the introduction of a number of new products.

To get started, Yahoo! has launched 30 days of change during which time it will display a variation of its logo on its homepage, on Tumblr, its Twitter account @Yahoo (#dailylogo) and on its Facebook page.

What you will notice is that both the colour and iconic exclamation mark remain which Yahoo! consider to reflect a fun, vibrant and welcoming character. Oh, and the yodel isn’t going anywhere either. So, basically, look out for a change in font.

Yahoo! has uploaded a video for its 30 days of change campaign – take a look below:

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