Nokia teams up with Zound for colourful new Headphone Range


Nokia’s new Coloud Boom, Knock and Pop headsets, developed in collaboration with Zound Industries, are now available in South Africa. Zound Industries is well known as the group behind Marshall Headphones, Molami, and Urbanears.This exciting line of high quality yet affordable headsets, each with a unique design and feel of their own, are currently available in store. The range consists of the Coloud Boom, the Coloud Knock and the Coloud Pop:

Coloud Boom


Boom is all about what Nokia calls “coverage”. The pair’s closed ear design affords listeners a level of unparalleled privacy whilst delivering their favourite tracks in a stylish design. The large ear pads fit comfortably, while the padded frame sits confortably over head – or around the neck when taking a break from your favourite tunes.

Coloud Knock


Like Boom, Knock offers users a wraparound headset experience. The differentiator lies in the form factor – ergonomically designed, the headset is lighter and easy to transport. There is no padded frame. Knock is designed with the minimalists in mind but still well suited to withstand the pressures of everyday listening.

Recommended Retail Price: R389

Coloud Pop


Pop is the in-ear alternative to the Coloud range – for those who prefer not to carry wraparound headsets. The angled ear buds (included in the purchase package) offer users a personalised level of comfort. Recommended Retail

Price: R329

Each headset is equipped with the Zound Lasso and a flat cable to prevent unwanted tangling. Coloud products also incorporate an integrated microphone and control key to chat on the go or manage playback remotely.

Coloud headsets are currently available in yellow, bright red or cyan and will work with all Nokia Lumia smartphones, selected Nokia Asha devices. It also works with other phones. The pricing is not half bad – the Boom comes in at R469, the Knock at R389, and the in-ear Pop at R329. We will get our hands on them soon enough, and let you know what we think.

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