Facebook reaches 30 million users

Facebook, the world’s largest social media site,  is now home to over 30 million users across the web, from different countries and continents.

A new source says there are now 30 million users. Take a look at the active users chart (Unlike MySpace, Facebook doesn‘t pad its numbers with dead accounts) on Mashable showing that the number has doubled since the beginning of the year.
Facebook has been making the news a lot since the opening of the Platform which you can read about here, with new applications being announced regularly.
“œWith this evolution of the Platform, we‘ve made it so that any developer can build the same applications that we can. And by that, we mean that they can integrate their application into the site“”into the social graph“”the same way that our applications like Photos and Notes are integrated.“ says Katie Geminder, Director of Product at the company.
A good list of the site’s “œawesome applications“ can be found on Mashable, and you might want to check out the the site’s offical blog.
There is also a video (less than 3 minutes) explaining the social-networking site‘s expansion of services.
Graph – Mashable
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