MyVideo channel and interface updates

I just picked up that MyVideo has made changes to their interface with a sexy looking new header (pictured below) and a new content channel area called ‘iViews’. Their new channel features interviews with prominent South African personalities. Surfing through the MyVideo site I was impressed with the quality of videos on display. I also noticed the MyVideo flyer ads on Facebook promoting their Minkie video which seemed to do well as the video has over 20k views.
In their own words regarding ‘iView’

South Africans are a diverse bunch. Some are incredibly intelligent, some are breathtakingly beautiful, some are both. An unlucky handful are neither. Every week on iViews, MyVideo brings you a fresh new video interview with a well-known South African ““ we‘ll leave it up to you to decide which of the above descriptions they match most closely! Politicians, sports stars, top models, TV personalities ““ if they‘re hot right now ““ in whatever way ““ we‘ll bring them to you on iViews!

The new header
my video