New Facebook Profile Layout

Well it was about time for Facebook to come up with a redesigned profile page and they did today. It’s now simpler, relevant and can be controlled better, or at least that’s what Ruchi Sanghvi says on Facebook Developers.
Facebook profile design Facebook new profile design
But let’s see what’s new, even if they say these screenshots may not be the final versions. The first thing I noticed is that the profile is wider and there are a few tabs where each user can feature its favorite applications. The tabs may be loaded with a Javascript so the pages aren’t refreshing every time a user clicks a different area of the profile, but this one still needs confirmation.
The second thing I liked was the “Wall” where a member can generate its own content, can add feed stories and friends can leave a wall-post. A member’s recent activity is now available and could be one of the most interesting features the new layout brings. Also, the About tab is re-structured and this is where users keep their personal info.
I see the profile boxes nearly at the top of the page, in the narrow column of the profile and the good thing is the members can now rearrange the order of the boxes the way they like.
The new profiles design is not yet live but Facebook have setup a Profiles Preview page, where fans will be seeing updates and changes.
Overall, the layout is (great) much better and the new features are really appealing unlike MySpace that always seemed to be a little bit chaotic on profiles.