Mobimii launches new beta, the mobile social utility, has launched its new beta version which officially opens MXit, MSN, Yahoo, GaduGadu, QQ and other IM transports as well as in-application browsing and content sharing for the first time in South Africa and globally!
No longer are MXit users bound to the MXit service, they can now chat one-on-one and in group rooms, share content, search profiles and network with other social systems all from one place on their mobile for free!
Key differentiators from other mobile applications are:
“¢ IM Chat including transports such as MXit, mobimii, MSN, GTalk, AIM, QQ, GaduGadu
“¢ IM Bots for aggregation of Facebook feeds and information
“¢ IM Bots for advertising/sponsorships/information/etc
“¢ Free group chat rooms
“¢ Offline text messaging to drive IM Chat (To be activated with SMS sponsor)
“¢ Integrated text messaging communication with IM Chat (To be activated with SMS sponsor)
“¢ Text messaging from J2ME application (To be activated with SMS sponsor)
“¢ Profile editing, preferences and picture uploading
“¢ Friend finder and profile search
“¢ Content upload and download (For applicable handsets)
“¢ Content browsing and download
“¢ Premium rate content download and advertising placement
“¢ Mobile multi-player gaming currently being added