Facebook Connect: Spanning across the net with a lot more ease

Facebook has still not entirely forgotten the horror of the experiment gone wrong in case of Beacon last year and the world’s largest social networking site is working twice as harder and is a lot more careful as it introduces Facebook Connect to both users and the internet community.
The new feature enables you to browse through different sites using Facebook identity allowing you to move across the net with complete freedom. This most importantly means that you will not have to re-enter all your identification details on sites that have integrated themselves with the Connect feature.
And sites like Discovery Channel, The San Francisco Chronicle, Digg, Geni and Hulu are ready for it.
This not only makes browsing more convenient and will actually increase traffic to those websites that implemented it, as Facebook users will feel at home progressively in these sites which they might otherwise have not taken time to visit. The feature not just offers a way to generate revenue for both parties in the future, but could create a larger community in the virtual world.
For now though Facebook is threading early waters with plenty of care.