New social plugins for Facebook

A number of new features were announced yesterday at Facebook’s F8 developer conference in San Francisco. The most notable of these include the following social plugins:
1. The new “œLike“ button, which will be implemented on external sites across the web, including, for now,, IMDb,,,, Fandango,, USA Networks,, Univision and When the user “œlikes“ a product or article on one of these sites, that action will be shared with their friends on Facebook, and their friends will be able to comment on it there. In some cases, such as with IMDb, an item that is “œliked“ will be added to the user’s profile page under their interests. The item ““ in this case a movie ““ will then be able to send the user updates through their News Feed on Facebook.
2. Working alongside the new Like button, the Activity Feed surfaces the actions a user’s friends are taking on a website. If a user is logged into Facebook and then visits a site with this feature implemented, they will be able to see the articles and topics on the site that their friends are sharing, recommending and commenting on.
3. The Recommendations feature will highlight the content on the external site that is most popular with Facebook users, based on the number of “œlikes“ each item receives.

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