Banks and Governments respond to Sony Hack

Yesterday we broke the news that 102 million Sony users around the world have had their credit card details, personal information and more compromised in what is being called the biggest hack in history. Today banks around the world have started taking proactive action to prevent any credit card fraud and governments are starting to take action.
One of South Africa’s largest banks FNB made an announcement that they would be monitoring any credit cards that have been used on the Sony network in the last 12 months and reverse any suspect transactions, a number of their clients also been reporting that they were being told to cancel their credit cards. (Ed: You can see their Facebook communication here)
In Australia this hack is being called  the biggest security breach in their history as at least 700 000 people have been affected. Law enforcement agencies and Banks are working closely together and credit card transactions are being closely monitored for fraudulent activity.
In Great Britain 3 million people have been affected and accounts are being closely monitored. If any fraudulent activity is picked up customers are being issued new credit cards.
In Canada 1 million affected users are planning a $1 billion class action law suit against Sony for the security breach. This is being seen as just the tip of the iceberg as millions of users around the world were affected in this security breach.
U.S. House of Representatives, the government of the city of Taipei, Taiwan,  the British, Canadian privacy authorities and the Australian government have now started taking serious note of this attack.
It took Sony a whole week to inform the public about this security breach and to date Sony still does not know the true extent of the hack. Sony has recruited outside security firms to help with the investigation. This is bound to get worse for Sony before it gets better in the next few weeks.