What are the Personality Characteristics of iPhone vs Android Users? (Infographic)

Yeah – there is a bit of a war brooding out there. And its not Microsoft vs Apple. Its the battle of the mobile OS’s. So take a look at this infographic that details the personality characteristics of users of iPhone and Android. Hunch is a pretty great site that makes recommendations based on things your personality and things you already like, so they have a pretty strong database to draw these correlations from. Here are some interesting findings:

  • iPhone users are 100% more likely to be Mac users. What would be great to know if these users first had Mac before the iPhone, or afterwards? Did the iPhone create a halo effect for the users to buy more Apple products?
  • Android users are typically late adopters, in fact they are much less technical according to these results. I would have honestly have thought it to be other way round, with Apple‘s focus on dumbing down user interfaces, and the large Android hacker base out there who like to customize their phones…

If you cannot see the infographic below, click through.

Yes, we are aware correlation is not necessarily causation.