How to: Setup a US iTunes Account


With over 90, 000 apps available for the iPad and over 425, 000 for the iPhone, the iTunes store provides almost any app you can possibly think of. The catch is, that in order to acces all of these awesome apps you need to be living in the US and those outside the country will notice that the availability is limited. The good news is, that it is now possible to access them by creating a US iTunes Account. Follow the instructions below for instant access to a world of apps. Enjoy!
1. Open iTiunes on your computer and go into the iTunes store.
2. Scroll to right at the bottom of the iTunes store and click the South African flag, this will bring up a list of countries. Once you are here, select the USA flag.
3. Now,  scroll to the section on the right of the iTunes store that says ‘free apps’ and select the app that you want. Make sure the app selected is a FREE one.
4. Click the icon that says Free. A screen will pop up asking you to either log in or create a new iTunes account. Now you need to create a new account so click on the option and follow the instructions.

 5. Once you reach the section that asks you to enter your credit card information you need to enter an address and telephone number of a location in the US. If you don’t have a friend or relative living there who is willing to give you that information you can use a public establishment from Google maps. Remember to use your own email address so you can confirm your new account.
6.  When you are prompted to select a credit card for method of payment, select ‘none’

7. Once you have completed the registration process, wait for your confirmation email and activate your new US account. You will now have to log into iTunes with this account.
8. Unfortunately you cannot use your South African credit card with a US account but you can buy credits in the form of vouchers to use at the iTunes store.