It's Official: Apple to hold iPhone Event on 4 October

There is one event that most Apple fans look forward to every year. Hell, if you are at all into smartphones it is a pretty special day (because you know every other smartphone brand is sitting up and taking notice). Problem is that the wait has been a bit longer this year, but now we at least know it is happening: Apple is expected to show off its latest iPhone (or iPhones) on October 4th. The rumour mill has been in overdrive the past few months, with most reports pointing to two possible new iPhones. First off a iPhone 4S, which will be a simple upgrade of the iPhone 4, while keeping the same case design. There is also rumours of a iPhone 5, which will gain a larger screen and a new “teardrop” rear casing.
In typical Apple fashion, the invite is a pretty nice design. It shows off the icons that you typically find on an iPhone, but you need to read a bit more into it. It shows, the date, time and place of the event (that map icon is actually the Apple Campus), with a simple “Let’s talk iPhone”.
What is interesting about this invite is that there is no mention of the iPod, which has always been refreshed by this time of the year in the past. iPhone were typically refreshed in July, and iPods in September. So the “Let’s talk iPhone” tagline might just include some iPod hardware as well.