One of the most fascinating aspects of Steve Jobs’s career was the creation of NeXT Inc. and the sequential pivoting of the company from hardware to software to acquisition. Unfortunately, it‘s also one of the least documented. Many people may have hoped that his biography by Walter Isaacson entitled “Steve Jobs” would have illuminated this period that defined a lot of the skills and practices that made Apple a success. However, it didn‘t adequately deliver in that department.
This video is from a series called Entrepreneurs, that documents the creation of NeXT and may provide more information about this period in his life. The footage provides insight into the way in which Jobs interacts with staff, conducts a brainstorming session with specific goals and seeks out solutions and, of course his genuine passion and enthusiasm for his projects.
The opening line of the video says it all: “Steven Jobs figures heroically in the history of American entrepreneurship.”
View the video from Entrepreneurs below:

source: thenextweb