Apple TV is likely to launch in 2012, says analyst Gene Munster

Apple Analyst Gene Munster recently commented at the Ignition: Future Of Media conference that he believes that Apple will be launching its very own television in time for the 2012 holiday season. Munster was so confident about the project that he told the audience to wait for Apple, if they are planning to buy a new television in the near future.

Munster continued to revealed a number of possible details about the television. Because Apple believes that people prefer not to plug in external gadgets, the television is likely to be a full fledged TV set, unlike the current Apple TV, that requires a plug-in.  In contrast to Apple’s current product offerings, the TV could become available in a variety of sizes. The aim here is to appeal the the young Apple customer who may not have the room or the money for a large 50 inch flat screen.
The defining feature of the TV will be in its ability to seamlessly integrate with other Apple devices and services – while the TV will come with a remote control, it will also be able to be controlled from an iPad or iPhone or possibly via Siri. Users will also be able to download a number of content onto the television from iTunes, The App Store and iCloud. However, because Apple’s content is limited, customers will still require a cable subscription and cable box. Munster also revealed that the TV will be the very first to think the way people do – instead of a user having to remember what the number a specific channel is, for example MTV, the TV will automatically go to the channel via a simple voice activation command by saying “MTV”.
In terms of price, Munster says that in the U.S. the TV may cost double the price of a similar-sized TV currently on the market.
According to Steve Jobs biographer, Walter Isaacson, It was the co-founder’s last wish to develop “an integrated television set that that is completely easy to use” and would seamlessly sync with all other Apple devices and iCloud, with the simplest user interface users could imagine.
source: Business Insider
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