Vodacom Announces Launch Date of iPhone 4S

Finally we have some idea when Apple’s iPhone 4S will be landing in SA. On Vodacom’s website their iPhone 4S registration page just went live. Luckily the wait is not too long – 16 December is only a couple of weeks away, and you can pre-register for it right now.
In the past these pre-registration forms are next to useless, so if you are desperate to get one, you might want to rather get your name on a few lists at stores close to you. There is also no news yet on what deals will be made available, but with MTN also getting the iPhone 4S, some competition might keep the prices reasonable.
The biggest new feature is the Siri personal assistant. It is perhaps the single biggest reason to get the iPhone 4S:

If you want to know what else to expect in iPhone 4s, see here.
Update: MTN is also getting iPhone 4S on 16 December, as reported by MyBroadBand

  1. Nope.
    Vodascum FAILED MISERABLY when the iPhone 4 was released on pre-order, etc. – took 6 weeks for registration, 3 months for the first one’s delivery, then another 2 months for the 3rd, and a total of 8 months for the last.
    3x iPhone 4’s over the combined waiting period of 13 months, plus, DISGUSTING customer services!!
    Thanks but no thanks. I would rather import my own iPhone 4S from the U.S. than struggle with incompetent chimps again!

      1. The iPhone 4S is actually for sale at Apple stores already…  We ran a competition and gave one away already.  The only diffs is the sim card and or contract through one of the networks…

  2. Got a year left on my MTN iphone 4 contract. Will wait a few months and maybe do a trade in.. the istore was offering cash for old phones.

      1. Whohoo, hopefully by then Apple has fixed the battery issues on the 4s and implemented it on the iPhone 5.

  3. Read recently that one company in the Android field, Samsung are now outselling Apple. After research I found out why the Android community are surging ahead.
    Apple are good, make no mistake about that, but because they make everything in-house themselves, they cannot take advantages of the advances in the phone field because of patents and have to make everything afresh.
    Samsung can, however, and this is why they are surging ahead.  In July next year they are bringing out a new Galaxy S III phone for example, with the nVidia Tegra 3, 4-core 2GHz processor, 32GB of internal memory and an SDCard slot to backup everything, a large 5″ plus screen and loads of other items which the industry think won’t be on the Apple until iPhone6 and iPhone5 isn’t scheduled well into next year.
    But meanwhile Apple will continue to go along making money for their shareholders of which I used to be a major one, but because of latest information, have moved out.

    1. If you follow Techcrunch, the one month Samsung wins, the next Apple. The reports mean nothing, and I dont really care which is better. I just love my Apple products.

    2. Andrew – the whole spec race mindset is exactly what is wrong with the Android market. My Galaxy Note might have a dual core 1.4GHz processor, but my iPhone 4 still feels a LOT faster. And next month there will be another faster Android phone etc.
      At the end of the day the software and hardware should go hand in hand. If there is fragmentation in the software market and the hardware makers slap their own poor interfaces on it, the end result cannot be great.
      A bigger screen on a phone also does not mean it is better. Spend some time with a large screened phone and you will see what I mean.

      1. Two points here, first, I agree, Apple have a good tie between hardware and software, there is no dispute there. Secondly, Although a larger screen doesn’t make the phone faster (it is, I think, going to be 5.65″) for those of us in their seventies, will welcome it. And I am 72 🙂 But a four-core 2GHerz will certainly help.
        The only beef I really have with Apple is the same reason I am a Linux user, I hate companies who tie you in. But I did own a large amount of Apple shares for well over a decade and love Apple for all the money they made me, which is why I am never disparaging about them.

        1. Haha – toemaar jy val dit nie aan nie! By no means my favourite phone. You make a few very good points. Of course you might have different requirements for a screen… Horses for courses!

    3. Samsung products are great because they are Apple rip offs. Their Galaxy cannot be sold in Australia or Germany because of this.

  4. Bought an iPhone 4S mid october in France (officially desimlocked). Using on my Vodacom contract locally has been a nightmare, losing the network every hour or so, had to restart it 20 times a day (Message : Invalid SIM). Phoned Vodacom and they told me their network was not supporting iPhone 4S

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