YouTube revamp focuses on channels and foreshadows Google's media vision

You might have noticed that YouTube has officially rolled out its brand new design to all users that they began testing out in mid November. The re-design comes as the next step in an entire aesthetic change for Google having first launched Google+ as a social network rival for Facebook, followed by a revamped Gmail, Google Analytics and most recently the Google bar.
The search giant’s streaming video arm launched a total site overhaul with the aim of reshaping the entire media landscape around the concept of ‘the channel’. Until now, Google concedes that YouTube viewers haven’t seen the site as a destination for channels filled with varying content, but rather a place to view different videos found on the web. With the re-design Google intends for the YouTube audience to become a destination site for media. Instead of presenting a grid with random one-off videos, the front page features a feed running down the center of the site, that displays the top channels in a user‘s stream. Every feed will look different, with selected channels based on YouTube recommendations and sitewide viewing trends, what a user‘s friends are sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, as well as those channels specifically chosen by the viewers themselves. The overall design is cleaner and more streamlined.
The redesign and new layout also serves to enhance the experience of users discovering new content that interests them who may have previously found it difficult to navigate the millions of videos uploaded on the site in search of what they liked.  A.J. Crane, YouTube product manager explains that “we are trying to make everyone an effective programmer on YouTube.”

The re-design is not only for  consumers but also aims to appeal to content creators with Partner content providers having the ability to customize their individual channels to display media in whatever order they prefer. Appealing to the major industry players is in line with YouTube‘s recent activity in improving the site‘s premium, professionally produced content that was publicised in an announcement last month that it would begin building out a network of content providers who would produce original videos across multiple categories. YouTube also made a major deal with Disney, furthering the availability of co-branded content.
In addition to its aesthetic focus, Google will also be launching a new Xbox application in the near future that is in line with Google’s theme of media convergence that will stretch YouTube‘s reach across multiple devices outside of the desktop.
Take a tour of the new YouTube in the video below:

source: Wired