Facebook to be built into 2013 Mercedes Benz cars

You might already be accessing your Facebook account more from your phone than your computer, but clearly Mercedes thinks you need Facebook in even more places. At CES, Mercedes Benz is showing off its latest in-vehicle telematics system that will have Facebook access built in.
Obviously driving does not really go with reading your friend’s status updates, but the latest Mercs will instead be integrating into Facebook’s location services. Drivers can search for businesses and friends on the navigation system, which will then search Facebook’s services as well. With Facebook now being built into TVs and other consumer equipment, it was only a matter of time before we would see it land in vehicles. The problem is the implementation.
Safety is of course a concern – but the system does not distract from the existing navigation system. In fact, text entry is impossible once the car is moving. You can however change your status updates with certain preset statements – think “Jim is driving”. Users can also post their destination and route on Facebook – perfect for over sharers. Perhaps more helpful is that the features that enhance the existing navigation system. Instead of only searching for restaurants around you, the few restaurants that your Facebook friends “liked” will be shown first.
It is not only Facebook that is used however – Google and Yelp are included in search results as well. The new Facebook capable telematics system will be available on the latest 2013 SL-class, but also all Mercs that roll out in 2013.
Let us know – do you think it makes sense to have Facebook integration in your car?