After the recent launch of Apple’s iPhone 4s and as the excitement begins to die down, more rumours of the upcoming launch of the iPhone 5 begin to emerge. Up until now, many have gathered that the next generation iPhone will come with a new design, larger display and may even be 4G capable.
Now, in a BGR exclusive, the website has learned straight from an inside source that the iPhone 5 is expected in the American Autumn of 2012. In addition, other details reveal that not only will the new device have a different look but a different feel as well with a “rubber or plastic” material built into the case as a new take on the phone’s bezel that will accompany a new aluminium back plate and antenna system.

Originally, rumours suggested that the iPhone 5 was  scheduled to make its debut even before the launch of the iPhone4s but if the insider information is correct, Apple is likely to have an extremely busy 4th quarter in 2012 with the supposed launch of the Apple iTV in the second or third quarter of the year. Both launches are expected to be huge, media grabbing events that will keep consumers and news sites excited for weeks, however it is unlikely that Apple will launch both products simultaneously.
As far as design news goes, the iPhone 5‘s form factor has been all over the place since day one. The tear-drop shape rumours persist and now we can add rubberized bezel and aluminum back plate to the list. This would be quite a significant change for the iPhone from the current design that Apple has been following.
Source: Digital Trends