Try it Now: Facebook Rolls out New Photo Viewer

Facebook has officially rolled out its new photo viewer to all users. “œWe can confirm that the new photo viewer has been rolled out,“ a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. “œYes, to all users.“
Almost identical to Google+, the screenshot below shows that the image is on the left with the comments on the right, rather than below. The new format means that images can be even larger since all the vertical space can now be taken advantage of. On a desktop, there is more room on the screen horizontally rather than vertically and so it does make sense to have any additional information (tagging and commenting) on the side rather than below the image so users no longer have to scroll down the page.


The “Tag Photo” and “Add Location” buttons are also now appearing on the right side and they look just like the Timeline and the Activity Log buttons. While the advertisements have also been relocated to the right side, they are now being pushed down the page by the photo‘s comments.
Hovering over the image, results in additional information and options appearing including previous and next arrows, outlined “œLike“ and “œTag Photo“ buttons, the title of the album and which photo you‘re currently viewing out of how many. Rather than making the background Facebook page you’re on transparent, the page is now darkened to make even better viewing of the image.
Overall, this seems to be an improvement for Facebook and they have Google+ to thank for it.
Source: ZDnet