Send money to your Facebook friends with FNB Vouchers

Michael Jordaan, FNB CEO, recently Tweeted that you can now send money to your Facebook friends with FNB using FNB Vouchers.

FNB Vouchers from Cellphone Banking allows you to send gifts to your Facebook friends, the receipts of which can be redeemed as Prepaid Airtime or converted to cash using FNB eWallet. If you do not send your voucher to a friend within 7 days, you will be refunded for the voucher purchase excluding the service fee.
The service was motivated by FNB acknowledging that your Facebook friends are not just digital friends, but exist within real world relationships and that they deserve real gifts. However, FNB Vouchers can only be sent to Facebook users with a South African cellphone number.
The service is available to anyone with an FNB transactional account and is registered for CellPhone Banking.
FNB is currently leading the way in innovation with its very own banking app and partnership with paypal for its withdrawal service. FNB also recently became the first major bank to allow personal money management startup 22 seven limited access to its customers’ accounts.
For more information or to register for FNB Vouchers click here.