Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs in upcoming film

Variety has reported that “Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher, known for his love of tech and gadgets, will be playing the role of Steve Jobs in an upcoming movie adaptation of his life. The indie film entitled “Jobs” will be directed by Joshua Michael Stern with a script written by Matt Whitely. Filming is likely to start in May while Kutcher is on hiatus from starring in the CBS series.

The new film will reportedly tell the story of the life of Steve Jobs from “wayward hippie to co-founder of Apple, where he became one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of our time.”
Known mostly for his role in the comedy series “That 70’s Show” and more recently “No Strings Attached”, Kutcher has also earned critical acclaim for his roles in David Mackenzie’s “Spread” and Emilio Estevez’s historical drama “Bobby”, that dramatised the shooting of Robert F. Kennedy. Kutcher has also shown off his dramatic acting abilities in “The Guardian” alongside Kevin Costner.

When Steve Jobs passed away in October last year, Kutcher tweeted a quote by the entrepreneur himself. The tweet read: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. – Steve Jobs RIP.”
In 2009, Kutcher became the first user on Twitter to gain more than one million followers and has also invested in a number of technology companies including FourSquare and Skype.
While the likeness of the two seems quite strong, the question is whether Kutcher will have the ability to capture the mannerisms, personality and idiosyncrasies of the man himself.
Variety also reports that Sony Pictures is also working on a separate film, based on Walter Isaacson‘s official biography of Steve Jobs.
What do you think of Kutcher playing the iconic Jobs?
Other source: The Telegraph