Instagram for Android finally arrives, generates one million downloads

Since Instagram first announced that it was finally planning a version for Android in March, the app has now arrived. Android users can now take part in the joy of Instagram that has up until now, only been experienced by iPhone users.
In an announcement on Tuesday, Instagram said that “The Android app offers an extremely familiar Instagram experience when compared to the iOS app. You‘ll find all the same exact filters and community as our iOS version.“
Since its release for Android, the app has managed to generate over one million downloads in the first 24 hours with the iOS app currently sitting at 30 millions downloads, which it achieved in just under two years. The app is compatible with Android 2.2 or higher.
The free photo-sharing app made its official appearance on Google Play (formerly known as the Android Market) on Tuesday following a pre-registration period on March 24 that captured 430,000 interested users.
CEO Kevin Systrom told The New York Times  that the app was seeing 2,000 signups each minute following its debut.

Features including the user interface, the five tabs on the bottom of the home screen that are dedicated to five key functions in the app and the ability to share photos to the same four platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Tumblr are found on the Android app and similar to that of the iOS version. However, there are some noticable differences between the two operating systems.
Firstly, the Android app does not offer the ’tilt-shift’ function that is found on the Apple version. Tilt-shift allows users to focus on a specific area of a photo while the rest remains out of focus. However, the Android version does have the ‘Advanced Camera’ feature, which its iPhone counterpart lacks that automatically resizes the image so the user does not have to recrop it in Instagram’s interface.
Some iPhone users have been very vocal on Twitter about their exclusive app having now been made available for Android.
@iFollowBlindPpl wrote, “œDon‘t follow me on instagram if you got an Android. Only iPhone users following this way. Im blocking Android users. This is war.”
But not all users are concerned about the new additions to the Instagram following, as @jamesburland wrote, “œTo be clear, 99.99% of iPhone users will have absolutely no opinion about Instagram arriving on Android.“
To download Instagram for Android, click here.
Source: IT News Africa