Revolutionising mobile travel guides: Tourism Radio partners with Frommer's Unlimited

Cape Town based travel technology company Tourism Radio that brought us its travel application for mobile phones Hummba, has teamed up with Frommer’s Unlimited to provide local travel information for mobile audio guides.
The new partnership aims to revolutionise the world of mobile travel guides by providing intelligent city guides for a fulfilling travel experience.
Tourism Radio’s technology will see it seamlessly integrate its audio clips with Frommer’s travel content that will automatically play when a user enters their specific location. Why Frommer’s? Well, for one thing, the company has been providing reliable and comprehensive travel guides for over 50 years.
The initial partnership launch will see the release of audio and text travel guides to a number of popular travel destinations including London, New York and Paris. Information at these destinations will include Frommer’s recommended restaurants, tourist attractions, hotels and night life spots. Information will also provide insight into how to experience each city as a local, where to find the best deals and how to travel safely and conveniently.
The guides can be downloaded as standalone applications for Android and iPhone or accessed through Hummba, currently available for Android and iOS devices with BlackBerry and Nokia versions coming soon.

Tourism Radio founder and CEO Mark Allewell says “We like to think of our partnership with Frommer‘s as serendipity on steroids. Travellers will now be able to easily access an unprecedented amount of quality travel information, directly from their mobile phones. We‘re also delighted to partner with one of the world‘s oldest and most respected travel companies, and we look forward to producing guides that cater for every traveller‘s needs.”
Director of E-Business Development, Frommer‘s Unlimited, Craig Schickler comments that “Offering Frommer’s travel information through Tourism Radio’s intelligent mobile audio guides is an exciting new way for travelers to access our expert travel advice at the right time in the right place. We are happy to be working with Tourism Radio and together helping shape memorable experiences for travelers around the globe.”
The Tourism Radio audio guides in partnership with Frommer’s are available for download ranging in price from $0.99 to $4.99 which depends on the amount of travel content they contain.
A selection of free, lite guides, to several popular destinations around the world, are also available for download which give travellers the opportunity to sample the content before committing to the purchase of a full guide.
To read more about Hummba and find out how to download the app click here.