Want to Print from your iPhone/iPad, but dont have an Airprint printer?

Apple’s idea of simplifying printing for iOS users has not exactly been going great – manufacturers have been slow in rolling out AirPrint to their lines, and it has been primarily focussed on consumer printers. Businesses have been out of luck to get Airprint on enterprise grade network printers, and it seems like the latest office focussed printers still do not get AirPrint.
But luckily there is a pretty easy way to get AirPrint enabled within the home and the business, and it does not cost a cent. Netgear’s new Genie app is primarily a network diagnostic tool, but it also enables Airprint on any printer for which you have drivers installed on your machines. The app is available for PC and Mac, and simply installs a little utility that sits in the background. When you open it up, simply click “AirPrint”, then select which printers you want to enable for AirPrint.


Now connect your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to the same wifi network, and just like that you can print to those printers. We tried it in a small office environment, and we installed a few printers on the host machine (both network and USB), and AirPrint worked without a hitch.
The only disadvantage is that the utility obviously needs a PC to be installed on, and that PC needs to be on before you print from your iDevice. But, if you work in a small office environment where PCs are always on, it is highly recommended to try out.
You can get it here.