Apple iPhone 5 pre-orders available in select countries

Following the launch of the new iPhone 5, Apple will make the new smartphone available for pre-order from the morning of 14th September in a select nine countries. These countries include US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore and the UK.
While Japan has been listed as one of the original launch countries, the phone cannot be pre-ordered and will only be available to purchase on the morning of 21 September.
For those lucky consumers in the launch countries mentioned above, the iPhone will be available from the Apple Store, The Apple Store app and number of Apple‘s operator partners.
According to The Next Web “Apple‘s choice of supported LTE bands has left many operators unable to offer their customers superfast 4G speeds, but the iPhone 5 still supports 3G data and voice, allowing it to be sold on varying carriers and on a large number of networks worldwide when Apple launches the device in more regions around the world.”