Will the Samsung Galaxy S4 be the thinnest smartphone ever?

Samsung are making headlines all over the world and the latest round of rumours circulating is that the next iteration of their flagship device will be thin. Very thin!
A couple of months ago we reported that the Galaxy S4 might be released as early as March 2013, only about 9 months after the hugely popular Galaxy S3 was released earlier this year. We were sceptical about this rumour, as we felt it would be too soon after the 2012 holiday season and the S3 would still be selling very well over that period.
With the Galaxy Note 2 also selling well, Samsung want to push the Galaxy brand as high as possible, as quickly as possible. According to anonymous in-house sources, the Korean firm wants to blow you away with the latest member of the Galaxy family and has leaked some specs to boot. They seem to indicate that the device will actually be announced at CES 2013 in early 2013, with the device then releasing some time in Q2 2013.

The Christian Post has reported that the device will have a 13 MP camera, which is a distinct possibility however, we would rather they focus on building better lenses and sensors instead of pushing up the megapixel count, as this will make a much bigger difference to picture quality. Also, at its heart it will have a new quad-core Exynos 5450 processor, clocked at 2 GHz. It will boast 2 GB or RAM, with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean running out of the box.
ibtimes got their hands on a rumour that it will have a 3200 mAh battery, which is colossal. This might sound impossibly large, but it may be necessary to run the “˜revolutionary‘ screen. The S4 will feature full 1080p HD, with a 4.99 inch AMOLED screen! That translates into 441 ppi, which is about 35% more than the iPhone‘s 326 ppi.
Although I am all for greater screen resolution and performance, what is it with the ever larger screen? Personally, this might place the device at too large of a form factor for me, as I already thought that the Galaxy S3 would be as large as I was willing to go. What are your thoughts on the screen?
Also, interestingly, Samsung has designed the thinnest chip for the device, which will make it the thinnest smartphone ever produced. It uses Samsung‘s new 10 nanometre technology instead of the previous 20 nanometre.
What do you think of the rumoured specs of the device? Is it plausible, and would you buy it?